10 Hilarious Moments Of SEVENTEEN’s Foot Volleyball in “GOING SEVENTEEN TTT” (Hyperrealism Version #1 And #2)

There’s nothing better than drunk SEVENTEEN.

Two episodes of GOING SEVENTEEN TTT (Hyperrealism version) have come out and fans can’t get enough of it.

The members of SEVENTEEN enjoy a much-needed vacation of no work and all play as they sing karaoke, eat delicious food, drink, and of course, play a lot of jokgu (a Korean sport which fuses of football and volleyball, also known as foot volleyball).

As previously mentioned, the members did a lot of drinking, and when the time to play jokgu came around, some members weren’t ready, as in weren’t sober.

Here are 10 hilarious moments during SEVENTEEN’s jokgu game in GOING SEVENTEEN TTT (Hyperrealism version) #1 and #2

1. Hoshi missed the ball and slips

Before the game, Hoshi and some other members stopped by a restaurant and started drinking rice wine. The members could already tell by Hoshi’s red face that he was starting to get a little drunk. Woozi even mentioned that Hoshi would “you always do martial arts on a foot volleyball court.”

Well, it seems he did just that, but it didn’t go as planned as he kicks his legs and ends up falling on his back.

2. The ball hitting Hoshi’s head (20:40)

It seems as though Hoshi hasn’t sobered up and hilariously gets hit by the ball and it ends up cradling it on the ground.

3. DK calling “mine” and doing nothing

DK calling “mine” but not even touching the ball is just too funny!

4. Mingyu’s dramatic miss

After missing the ball, Mingyu does a funny spin and falls to the ground.

5. Jun’s “awkward” headbutting

The members found Jun adorable while playing jokgu because he had never really played before. It was great to see him build confidence with a headbutt but the members also found it funny.

6. THE8 kicking the ball backward

Though he started out good in the first round, the second round was a little different for THE8.

7. THE8’s funny and painful headbutting

Jumping in the air, The headbutts the ball straight to the grown and can’t help but laugh at himself.

8. DK calling out Jeonghan’s forehead

Jeonghan took off his hat for a headbutting and DK couldn’t help but comment “wow Jeonghan’s has a really big forehead.” He informs Jeonghan that he should wear his hat at all times and said, “I thought you were a bald seagull.”

9. Junhui failing to save the ball confidently

Before missing, DK shouts “Wen Junhui, be confident” before adorably missing the ball. As punishment, of course, they must drink.

10. Mingyu’s Hilarious mistake

After playing several drinking games, Mingyu hilariously misses the ball during jogku. Seungkwan named it “the highlight of this trip.”Another member asks “Mingyu, are you okay from your hangover now?”

Check out the two episodes below: