These Were The Hit Idol Songs During 2013-2015 According To Korean Netizens

The Korean Netizens have spoken!

Korean Netizens have voted on which songs performed by idols were huge hits during 2013 – 2015 and these are the results!

1. Growl – EXO

Perhaps one of the greatest songs in 2nd generation K-Pop history, “Growl” easily captured the hearts of both EXO-Ls and non EXO-Ls.

2. Some – Soyou, Junggigo

“Some” by Soyou and Junggigo express their honest thoughts and feelings with a lighter song genre.

3. NoNoNo – APink

APink‘s “NoNoNo” is a K-Pop classic and showcased the group’s innocent girl concept really well.

4. Bar Bar Bar – Crayon Pop

“Bar Bar Bar” is a playful song that has become a favorite of many people, and so the song making the cut isn’t surprising at all!

Source: Inztiz
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