Korean Netizens Vote On Hit K-Pop Songs From 2010 To 2012

These were bops indeed!

Korean netizens have decided which K-Pop songs were a hit during 2010-2012, and the results are here!

1. Good Day – IU

Released in 2011, IU‘s Good Day is about being ignored by the person you like, and asking them to notice you and make the day good. It has a relatively upbeat  melody and catchy hook!

2. Bad Girl Good Girl – Miss A

Miss A‘s “Bad Girl good Girl” is a song addressed to a person you like who doesn’t like you back and who doesn’t want to give you a second chance to prove yourself to them. It has catchy lyrics and an unforgettable melody that can be easily loved by anyone!

3. Roly Poly – T-ara

“Roly Poly by T-Ara, is an upbeat song with a touch of EDM and is about wanting to get closer to the person you like and being noticed by them.

4. Bo Peep Bo Peep – T-Ara

T-ara‘s “Bo Peep Bo Peep” is catchy from the start and is a song sang towards someone you like who has changed becasue of you feel towards him.

Source: Instiz