“Hospital Playlist” Director Picks 3 Words To Describe What To Expect In The New Season

“We… hope to make the story deeper rather than newer.”

TvN’s Hospital Playlist is finally returning for a second season! The show highlights the relationship between five friends who first met in medical school and the various events happening in their life.

Director Shin Won Ho chose three words to hint at what to expect this season!

1. #Empathy

The first season of Hospital Playlist resonated with viewers as it told the stories of people with everyday lives.

The thing that all people who make stories want is empathy. As long as people relate to the story, I’ll have achieved my goal. Since preparing for the first season until now, the COVID-19 pandemic has been ongoing. At this time where everyone is hiding with masks and keeping their distance, I’ll be satisfied if people recall our ordinary everyday lives while watching our series and thinking, ‘Ah, we used to live like that.’

—Shin Won Ho



2. #Sentiment

A huge reason why the show captured the hearts of fans was the characters’ humanity and compassion. The series portrayed both the emotional and funny moments in ordinary people’s lives under a kinder gaze than usual.

For the episodes in season 2, we’re working hard not to disrupt the sentiment and atmosphere of Hospital Playlist that is the foundation of the story. Season 2 maintains the warm emotions of [season 1], but it will portray the stories and relationships even more in-depth.

—Shin Won Ho



3. #Rhythm

With Yulje Hospital as the primary set, the series introduces five friends who are professors in different departments, the many employees of the hospital, and the patients and their families. The series has a rhythm that allows them to cover several different stories while maintaining a balance to keep viewers interested.

For season 2, my mission was to use season 1 as a reference to prevent [season 2 from] straying from the foundation. We are making it with the hope to make the story deeper rather than newer, so please look forward to it.

—Shin Won Ho


Hospital Playlist 2 premieres on June 17!

Source: Newsen