20 Funniest And Most Relatable Fan Reactions To “Hospital Playlist”‘s Latest Episode — And Can You Blame Them?

Can you imagine seeing #12 in real life? 😂

The latest episode of Hospital Playlist was just released this week, and it’s already breaking records and making one of their own.

Fans can’t get enough of this adorable and heartwarming drama about five doctors who are also best friends since college.

And since the drama will have its final episode next week, fans of the Hospital Playlist can’t help but turn to Twitter to express their reactions to the drama’s second-to-the-last episode.

Here are 20 of the most relatable reactions yet — check them out and see if you can find a tweet that deeply resonates with you, too.

1. #friendshipgoals just got upgraded

2. What happens in Hawaii, stays in Hawaii?

3. You’ve rehearsed your lines before talking to your crush before, right?

4. The pot calling the kettle black

5. The cinematography encourages you to ship them more

6. If you’re in the mood for a heartbreak, imagine this:

7. Cute side coming out when drunk

8. Their reaction is the only valid one when you see samgyupsal 

9. I mean, who needs thermometers, right?

10. She’s his whole pot of tea

11. There’s a reason why he doesn’t like drinking alcohol

12. Can you imagine if you saw this in real life?

13. Stop sleeping on this adorable doctor

14. “Is it done? Is it done?”

15. Remember when he slept on the road because he was so drunk, too?

16. “Wait…is that Father singing his heart out?”

17. Both made your heart flutter, didn’t it?

18. We’re putting our money on season five

19. This is truly iconic

20. Rosa is our spirit animal

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