All Of The Hottest Idols In K-Pop Are Jamming To This One Song

All of these idols have totally been into this song!

PENTAGON has recently made a comeback with their song “Shine” and all the hottest idols have already been jamming to it!



These are the dance moves by PENTAGON themselves from their music video. The signature “hammer dance” seems to be the most popular move that everyone’s been imitating!



TWICE members were seen doing the signature moves of the song.

Chaeyoung even sang the song on a live broadcast saying that she loved the song.


3. Wanna One

The Wanna One members also showed off their dance moves to the song.


4. MXM 

MXM’s Im Youngmin looks like he’s having a blast as he does the hammer dance.

Both members of MXM do the song again on a live broadcast mentioning that it was one of their favorite songs.



OH MY GIRL’s Mimi jams to the song while making pancakes.

And Seunghee shows her own cute version as well.



KARD’s BM was really in the moment when he showed this to his viewers on a live broadcast!


7. Yoo Seonho

Yoo Seonho is also a lover of this song!


8. U-KISS and DAY6

Kevin and Jae get a little too excited at the chorus part of the song!



The NOIR members know the choreography to the song perfectly!


10. CLC

CLC members also show the hammer move on a live broadcast.


11. BTOB

BTB members walk off stage doing the “Shine” dance.

Rock out to it yourself too!

Source: Pann Nate