8 Hottest Scenes From TWICE’s “SET ME FREE” Music Video That You Need To See Again

#5 is one of her best looks!

TWICE has done it again! Their latest comeback with the song “SET ME FREE” was as amazing as expected. Aside from the addictive song, the JYP Entertainment girl group’s music video was seriously impressive, not to mention the members themselves were stunning.

In no particular order, here are 8 of the hottest scenes in TWICE’s “SET ME FREE” music video.

1. When The Girls Did Their Entrance

2. When Jihyo Rode In A Car

3. When Tzuyu Had Red String Wrapped Around Her Waist

4. When Dahyun, Momo, And Chaeyoung Started Rapping

5. When Jeongyeon Wore Glasses

6. When Sana Danced

7. When Nayeon Ran Through An Alleyway

8. When Mina Was “Trapped” Inside A Box

But that’s not even all of it! Check out more jaw-dropping moments in the “SET ME FREE” music video below.