23 Huge Mistakes In K-Pop Music Videos The Editor Really Should Have Caught Before Releasing It

How did they miss these?

Sometimes when you watch a movie you can’t help but pick over all the little details that are just so out of place or just plain wrong. And unfortunately for many of us, we do the same thing when we watch a music video. While choreography mistakes are inevitable, some MVs actually contain some other mind-melting mistakes that will make you wonder how nobody caught them before the video was released.

1. The green screen doing Jungkook dirty in BTS’s “DNA”

With all the special effects and visual mastery going on in BTS‘s “DNA”, it’s hard to notice every little thing going on. And yet it’s hard for your eyes not to suddenly pick up on the weird color changing thing that’s going on with part of Jungkook‘s neck, hair, and earring. Even with those sliding colors he still looks fabulous though!

2. The mysterious appearance of Jonghyun’s shirt in SHINee’s “View”

Jonghyun‘s shirt can clearly be spotted on the clothesline by the pool…

And yet in the very next scene, we see Jonghyun at the club wearing the shirt. You could say that it’s a continuation of the previous scene but the other members greet Jonghyun. So how did he suddenly get the shirt? Or is it a continuation and he just got there before them?

3. The cap drop in EXO’s “Growl”

Okay so we weren’t going to pull any choreography mistakes but this one with Kai is actually really cool. During “Growl” Kai accidentally drops his hat but what happens next is pure magic. Somehow he picks it back up with the beat of the music almost making it look like it was intentional!

4. The mysterious disappearing house in TWICE’s “Knock Knock”

After the girls leave the house they head off into a snowy wonderland. But the strange thing is, in none of the many angled shots of them playing outside do you see the house in the background!

5. The “how could you do that” spelling error in Girls’ Generation’s “Lion Heart”

At the beginning of “Lion Heart”, there is a play on MGM‘s lion logo. While it seems really cute and totally fitting at first, once you get a closer look you’ll notice that somehow nobody caught the misspelling of the girl group’s own name!

6. The out of place scene in SHINee’s “Ring Ding Dong”

This one’s not really a mistake but it also doesn’t really fit with the song at all. Right after Key sings “I’m a decent bad boy in my own way” and Taemin says “You’re also like a butterfly,” there’s just a random scene of Taemin drinking milk. Then the shot changes to Key channeling his inner bad boy.

7. The screen fiasco in EXO’s “Monster”

While the boys are hard at work showing everyone their amazing dance moves, the camera suddenly zooms out a little too far and you can just make out the edge of their set on the righthand side of the screen.

If you blink you’d probably miss it!

8. The case of two Siwon’s in Super Junior’s “Mr. Simple”

The opening of “Mr. Simple” is just like a piece of artwork. Each of the members makes an appearance as another member walks across the screen. The only problem is that somebody didn’t catch the part where Siwon appeared in the background as he was walking in the front!

9. Nayeon’s sneaky move in TWICE’s “Like OHH-AHH”

Quick ONCEs spotted this slight mistake in TWICE‘s debut song. As Sana is singing and moving through the set, you can just catch sight of Nayeon in the background getting ready to make her move!

10. The…umm…lucky sign in MONSTA X’s “Newton”

Everybody is pretty sure that the sign was supposed to read “luck” but anyone who can read cursive knows that’s not really what that sign says…

11. The case of the disappearing collar in EXO’s “Power”

Nobody can forget that adorable kitty in EXO‘s “Power” that may represent Lay! But what some people may not have noticed is that the collar is clearly there then gone in the next scene.

And then it makes a reappearance once more when Baekhyun scoops the mischievous kitty up!

12. The flying camera in 9MUSES’ “Wild”

In the dance version of “Wild” your focus should be on the girls’ amazing moves. The only problem is, the overhead camera keeps trying to steal their spotlight!

13. The “fianl” stage in BIGFLO’s “Stardom”

The cute and quirky video game style of this MV is definitely a winner. It’s just that their final round seems to have one major spelling error.

14. Wendy’s disappearing act in Red Velvet’s “Red Flavor”

To be fair there was a lot going on during this portion. With so many prints of the girls on the screen at once, it might not be all that obvious that Wendy seems to get cut off and disappears from the scene…until you notice it and that’s all you can notice!

15. Time to exit stage right in BLACKPINK’s “DDU-DU DDU-DU”

One camera zoom too many during this part and the audience catches a glimpse of the set edge. This one was really quick so it’s not a big surprise that nobody caught this one!

16. The supreme spelling in Block B’s “Shall We Dance”

We know it should say “Supreme” but instead, it says “Superme.”

17. The not so camera shy guy in Taeyeon’s “Why”

Just an eye-catching shot of Taeyeon in a desert landscape. And then there’s the camera guy not doing a great job of hiding behind that bush!

18. So did she really quit… in Taeyeon’s “I”

Every single person was silently cheering as Taeyeon left behind her terrible job…

But then in the very next scene, it looks like she’s actually heading back towards the shop. Maybe it’s just another cafe?

19. The name mix up in GOT7’s “Just Right”

At the beginning of “Just Right”, all the boys are introduced in this fun little wheel! Everyone’s names are correctly matched up with their faces except for Youngjae who is now Yugyeom

And Yugyeom who is now Youngjae!

20. The drone shot in 9MUSES’ “Hurt Locker”

Reflections turned out to be enemy number one in “Hurt Locker” when many eagle-eyed fans noticed a certain drone reflection in the car’s windshield.

21. The shirt switcheroo in Girls’ Generation’s “I Got A Boy”

Seohyun starts off with a bright yellow shirt. Then the doorbell rings and suddenly Taeyeon‘s got a hold of it. While it seems likely that the girls could have traded between these scenes…

The problem comes when Seohyun is again holding onto the yellow shirt seconds after we see Taeyeon holding it!

22. Hyuna’s hoop fiasco in 4MINUTE’s “Huh (Hit Your Heart)”

One close up scene of Hyuna catches the singer’s hoop earring making its escape. And then in the very next scene, it’s clearly back in her ear. At least they noticed it fell out and retrieved it but why did they keep the falling out scene in?

23. The very shady business in IN2IT’s “Amazing”

Like reflections, shadows can be equally as sneaky! Like in this shot of “Amazing” where you can see the shadow of the overhead drone in the lower left-hand corner.