12 Cute Moments From HyunA and Dawn’s Coach Skit

The couple participates in a dance battle for the last cookie.

Coach recently released a Friends-inspired skit, starring HyunA and Dawn, to present its fall 2021 collection. Despite only being close to a minute in length, the real-life couple displayed many cute moments throughout the video.

1. The video begins with the pair reaching for the last cookie simultaneously.

2. HyunA may have touched the cookie first, but Dawn quickly pulls the plate towards him.

3. Dawn suggests that they use the “usual method” to decide who gets to eat the remaining cookie.

4. Their usual way of settling things seems to be through dance battles, and HyunA begins by popping gleefully.

5. Dawn shows off to HyunA by smoothly manipulating his body.

6. HyunA’s red-stained lips can’t help but bend into a smile at the sight.

7. She doesn’t give up, however, and busts a move in retaliation.

8. Dawn doesn’t back down either and puts on a performance for his increasingly giddy girlfriend.

9. She strikes a pose to end her turn.

10. He shimmies instead.

11. Ultimately, the couple makes the decision to share the cookie between them.

12. The video ends with a (very real) kiss and the credits roll.

Presenting the pretty pastel outfits may have been the purpose of the skit, but the playful chemistry between HyunA and Dawn is likely what made the short video extra sweet.

Check out Coach’s video below!