Iconic Dance Performances From Produce Series

The Produce series shows how talented even trainees are.

There have been hundreds of trainees that have competed in the Produce series. Whether it be Produce 101, Produce 101 Season 2, Produce 48, or Produce X 101, there have been loads of talented trainees on each season.



With talented trainees, there also comes talented dance performances. With how strict K-Pop is about choreographies, it’s no shock that the Produce series would also be strict in trying to get excellent performances. Here are some of the most iconic dance performances from the Produce series.


1. Bang Bang (Produce 101)

This was one of the most iconic dance performances of the whole Produce 101 season. The team was even dubbed as “The Avengers” due to the number of high ranking trainees they had. Chungha got lots of praise for this performance due to her being the main choreographer for the song, but not trying to take the spotlight from the other members.



2. Get Ugly (Produce 101 Season 2)

This performance was highly anticipated due to the number of high ranking trainees that were on the team and they all purposely wanted to perform this specific song. The initial choreography was criticized however for being too messy and not being fluid. In the end, the members gathered all their thoughts and made a neat performance showcasing each member’s individual strengths.



3. Sorry Not Sorry (Produce 48)

Similar to the previous performances on this list, this performance was also highly anticipated due to the number of great dancers this team had. They also faced a number of similar criticisms, such as the choreography being underwhelming for their talent level. The final performance gave many iconic moments and showed why there was a reasonable amount of high expectations.



4. Believer (Produce X 101)

This choreography went through major changes as the initial one was met with too much criticism from the dance trainers. Many of the members had different images, so it was hard to put something together that fits everyone. The final performance was breathtaking and was met with great praise.