5 Iconic Moments From Johnny’s Communication Center That Will Make You Laugh

Someone teach them how to make cookies please.

Two years and 26 episodes later, NCT127‘s Johnny continues to bring joy to NCTzens through his series Johnny’s Communication Center (also known as JCC). Here are some of JCC‘s iconic moments thus far:

When Doyoung and Mark slept over at Johnny’s house

One of the first things on their list was to go to Target. From jamming out to music in the car, excitedly buying pizza bites and couple toothbrushes, to Mark and Johnny hiding from Doyoung (don’t worry, he was reunited with the mischievous duo after 8 long minutes), it was clear that Johnny enjoyed being back in his hometown with his members.

Mark (left), Johnny (middle), and Doyoung (right) | TuansTrash/Tumblr

Going to IKEA to buy a lamp but leaving with more than a lamp

Johnny needed to buy a lamp, and what better place to buy one than IKEA? Johnny brings along Jaehyun and the two of them have a fun time browsing through furniture and decor and playing around in the kids section (Jaehyun reminds us all to wash our hands at the miniature kids kitchen). Johnny even saves Jaehyun from being attacked by Jason, a large plush snake.

Jaehyun | d7thsense/OneHallyu

SpiderMark doing aerial yoga

Mark was able to momentarily live his best life as Spiderman when he did aerial yoga with Johnny. The two tested their flexibility and strength in various poses led by a teacher, and even had a few minutes of relaxation in the cocoon pose as they lay comfortably suspended.


NCT + fashion = ?

“Johnny’s Fashion Evaluation” makes a comeback for this JCC episode as Taeyong, Doyoung, Jungwoo, and Yuta chose outfits for each other. This episode was during their North American tour when each member represented a city they were performing in. As such, each person had to wear the final chosen outfit in their city. The results were…interesting to say the least.

Yuta (left) and Taeyong (right) | 채널 NCT DAILY/YouTube

Taeyong chose desert concept for Yuta which was fitting for Phoenix, Arizona. Meanwhile, Yuta went with a mafia style for Taeyong, who was representing San Jose.

Doyoung (left) and Jungwoo (right) | 채널 NCT DAILY/YouTube

Doyoung chose beachwear for Jungwoo who was representing Miami, and Jungwoo dressed Doyoung for an aquarium because of Atlanta’s famous aquarium.

Johnny: You’re thinking aquarium? How do you wanna dress him, like blue?

Jungwoo: It’s…amazing.

What he meant by that exactly, we’re not sure.

Attempting to make Christmas cookies

Johnny, Ten, and Mark attempting to make Christmas cookies was every bit joyful and chaotic as you would expect. From Ten confidently ignoring the cookie instructions and then admitting “I think I did something wrong,” Mark being his usual giggly self as he assisted Ten and Johnny, and Johnny trying to remain somewhat serious about the whole activity, the cookies surprisingly didn’t turn out to be a complete fail. Must have been the holiday spirit.

Ten (left), Johnny (middle), Mark (right) | @mikaexolovemeright/Tumbral
Source: NCT Twitter