These Are The Most Iconic K-Pop Halloween Costumes Of 2017

Halloween just passed and you know idols get really excited to dress up as their favorite characters. These are some of the most iconic costumes that K-Pop stars dressed up as this year!

1. Weki Meki’s Doyeon as The Evil Queen

2. PRISTIN’s Kyulkyung as Harley Quinn

3. Oh My Girl’s Yooa as a Witch

4. Oh My Girl’s Arin as Snow White

5. EXO’s Chanyeol as Iron Man

6. SHINee’s Key as Marge Simpson

7. PRISTIN’s Nayoung as Wonder Woman

8. Cosmic Girls’ Yeonjung as a Vampire

9. TVXQ’s Changmin as an Airline Pilot

10. NCT’s Jaehyun as Taki from “Your Name” & Taeyong as Jack Frost

11. NCT Dream as Smurfs, Girls’ Generation’s Yoona as Matilda, Taeyeon as Nemo, Hyoyeon as a Zombie School Girl & Sunny as a Bloody Vampire