19 Of The Best Opening Lines In K-Pop History


Some pieces of literature are famous for having the best and most memorable opening lines. These lines speak to you on a different level and stick with you for years to come, but it isn’t just novels that have these kind of lines! K-Pop is full of great openers that let you know you’re in for a wild ride! Here are some of the best opening lines that we will never, ever forget!


1. “Chogiwa”

Besides the wolf howls and growls in EXO‘s “Wolf”, there’s this gem of an opening! It’s so iconic that it’s even been turned into multiple memes! ChogiYES, please!


2. “Ayo GG”

Speaking of iconic, Girls’ Generation‘s “Ayo GG” at the beginning of “I Got A Boy” is legendary. It would be hard to find someone that doesn’t know this line and with good reason because it’s awesome!


3. “BLACKPINK in your area”

Was there ever any doubt that “BOOMBAYAH” was going to be amazing? We don’t think so, especially with an opening like this! Who’s in you’re area? BLACKPINK!


4. *whispers* JYP

So, so many great songs by JYP Entertainment artists start with these famous whispered letters.


5. “Welcome, first time with BTS?”

Okay so the lines are actually in Korean but it’s not like every fan doesn’t know this is what they mean. And if it somehow was your first time with BTS, you know that after this song, you’re with them for life!


6. “Wi arae”

Besides EXID‘s captivating dance moves, “Up & Down” features this hook that we absolutely could never get tired of!


7. “TEEN TOP we gon’ rock it drop it top it hey don’t stop it”

“TEEN TOP we gon’ rock it drop it top it hey don’t stop it” and repeat! TEEN TOP‘s “Rocking” has this killer opening line that will make you want to bust out your own dance moves!


8. “Get your cray on”

G-Dragon‘s “Crayon” has some amazing lines in it but when you hear “Get your cray on” you know things are going to get, well, crazy!


9. “Baksu, SEVENTEEN right here”

Whenever a group introduces themselves in a fun and unique way you know the song is going to be legit. Like how SEVENTEEN‘s opening line of “BOOMBOOM” is “SEVENTEEN teen teen” and the opening to “Clap” is this masterpiece!


10. “Nega jaeil jal naga”

One of 2NE1‘s most iconic songs period, “I Am The Best” starts off with these words that are pure gold!


11. “Who that, who that, who that boy”

Red Velvet‘s “Bad Boy” has this stellar opening. If you weren’t already convinced by the opening notes that this song was going to be great, Irene‘s words surely will! It also really makes us want to know who exactly is that boy that Irene’s talking about.


12. “Dramama ramama ramama hey”

The great harmonization mixed with this line in MONSTA X‘s “Dramarama” is bad for all of our hearts. It’s a good thing that the line gets repeated 3 times because honestly once isn’t enough!


13. “Because you naughty naughty”

Super Junior‘s “Mr. Simple” lines mixed with their electronic music are a classic! It ranks right up there with their lines from “Sorry Sorry”! There’s no way you don’t know this song and this line!


14. “I wanna rock”

SISTAR‘s sparkly dresses are certainly eye-catching in “So Cool” but the real reason we can’t take our eyes off of them is that their “I wanna rock” line makes you want to sing and dance along with them!


15. “Uh-huh, listen boy my first love story”

Besides Girls’ Generation‘s “Ayo GG” the opening to “Gee” is also ridiculously memorable and fantastic!


16. “SHINee’s back”

Yes, SHINee is back and ready to steal our hearts in “Sherlock”! Okay, but their whispered words make our hearts melt in an instant. How about you?


17. “Maeil ullineun bell bell bell”

The opening to TWICE‘s “Cheer Up” is an instant pick me up and will always keep you coming back for more of TWICE’s cheerful tracks.


18. “Bultaoreune”

BTS‘s opening to “Fire” is ridiculously good. You know things are about to heat up as soon as you hear Suga say this line!


19. “Yeogi buteora”

This list wouldn’t be complete without BIGBANG‘s iconic opening to “Fantastic Baby”. Everybody knows this song and particularly this line. It’s also very likely that you’ve practiced it while doing an impression of G-Dragon.