9 Iconic K-Pop Outfits That Make Every Performance Complete

Always dress for success.

Iconic songs are the starting point for iconic looks! Some songs have such a unique concept and fashion look that accompanies them that it seems impossible for any performance to be complete without them. While there are plenty of them out there, these eight looks have been tried by numerous idols whenever they decide to do a cover of the original.


1. The dresses from Red Velvet’s “Dumb Dumb”

Probably one of Red Velvet‘s most iconic looks to date. Their poofy red skirts combined with colorful aprons and socks are just too cute.


Even if the girls themselves don’t wear this outfit during all of their own stage performances of “Dumb Dumb” that doesn’t mean other idols don’t! GOT7 tried out the look when they performed the song during their Fly in Seoul concert.


BTOB also tried out the look and even decided to add in some of the iconic hairdos much to the delight of their audience!


And perhaps best of all was when Super Junior‘s Shindong, gave his performance in the outfit on Golden Tambourine.


2. Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry” style

Not only is “Sorry Sorry” one of those song and dance combos that every K-Pop fan knows by heart, but no cover of this song would be complete without a variation of the original fitted dress jacket over a white or black shirt.


Their fellow SM Entertainment labelmate NCT, tried out the look when they gave a performance of “Sorry Sorry” during M! Countdown.


But this song is so iconic that groups from other companies have performed it too. And of course, had to try out the look as well! Like this performance that SEVENTEEN did…


Or this one by Wanna One!


Even Girls’ Generation and f(x) got in on the action!


3. G-Dragon’s sweeping hair in BIGBANG’s “Fantastic Baby”

Another song that is known by every K-Pop fan, BIGBANG‘s “Fantastic Baby” is one of a kind. And part of that one of a kind experience is G-Dragon‘s sweeping long locks!


So you know that anyone who decides to perform the song is going to want to recreate the look just like BTS‘s Jungkook did!


Although to be fair, this look is so iconic that it doesn’t just stick to “Fantastic Baby” covers. It’s made an appearance in Seungri‘s “Where R U From” as well as Dynamic Duo‘s “Jam”.


4. H.O.T’s “Candy” look

If you search for a picture of H.O.T you are guaranteed to find a picture from their “Candy” era.


This song and the extraordinarily fluffy look is one of the most well-known from the first generation of K-Pop. It seems like every boy group from PENTAGON


To BIGBANG, have wowed crowds with this throwback classic!


5. Wonder Girls’ “So Hot” cheetah print

A performance of Wonder Girls‘ “So Hot” without even the slightest bit of cheetah print would be criminal at this point!


Which is why groups like TWICE haven’t been afraid to fully embrace the fun pattern when they gave a cover of the song on M! Countdown.


Even VIXX were more than happy to go into full cheetah mode when they performed their own amazing version of it.


6. The camo print suits from Shinhwa’s “This Love”

While the suits may seem a little out there at first glance, fans absolutely loved this look.


And the look became such a big part of “This Love” that a performance without it just wouldn’t be the same. Which is probably why GOT7 adopted the look too!


7. The naval inspired uniforms from Girls’ Generation’s “Genie”

While they’ve had plenty of incredibly iconic looks over the years, one of Girls’ Generation‘s most well-known looks is the sailor-inspired style they wore during “Genie”.


It seems like it’s almost tradition for idols to wear something similar when performing the song.


AOA and CLC have both been spotted sporting something that fits very closely to the original!


8. Gain’s “Bloom” style

Red sweater, black shorts, and stunning eye makeup combine to make this unforgettable style!


And since the song is such a crowd pleaser, a number of idols have taken to performing the song too!


And everybody knows that no performance would be complete without matching Ga In‘s incredible style!


So it shouldn’t be a surprise that GFRIEND‘s Eunha, Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny, and Sunmi have all tried out the super sexy look.


9. The “Abracadabra” magic brought to you by Brown Eyed Girls

Is there a single person who doesn’t know “Abracadabra” and the dance moves that go along with the song? Probably not! Bring some serious mood and you’ve already aced covering this one!


But a bonus that idols always seem to add into their own performances is adding a touch of leather just like the girls wore!


Not even 2AM and 2PM could resist wearing it when they did a parody version of the song!