11+ Iconic Lyrics From “RM” Mixtape To Celebrate #6YearsOfRMixtape

Celebrate #6YearsOfRMixtape by appreciating RM’s lyricism.

It’s been six years since BTS‘s RM released his debut mixtape, and its anniversary is a great excuse to revisit some of the iconic lyrics from the genius songwriter. Here are some of the best lyrics from each song off of the RM Mixtape.

1. “Voices”

Once again, raise my voice’s volume up… So you can know, so I can reach you.

— RM, “Voices”


2. “Do You”

Even if you’re not perfect, you’re limited edition.

— RM, “Do You”

3. “Awakening”

Yeah I’m an idol,
At one time I hated it but now I love to get that title,
Unlike those who deny it to the end on broadcast,
I accept it fully now and I just do me.

— RM, “Awakening”

I know one day at a time the sun gon’ shine.

— RM, “Awakening”

4. “Monster”

I chance sensibilities with my lyrics, I’m an alchemist.

— RM, “Monster”

5. “Throw Away”

Throw it away, that new invoice of yours,
Attitudes and the minds of the old.

— RM, “Throw Away”

6. “Joke”

This is my amusement park, I pull the lever,
There’s a difference from the roots between your and my level,
First name is Greatest, last name Ever,
I’ll never change my name, never ever ever.

— RM, “Joke”

7. “God Rap”

If you asked me if I would be born again as someone, I would choose myself,
I can tell ya if I can’t attest to myself.

— RM, “God Rap”

Even if I can’t die a legend, that’s okay cuz I’m my legend.

— RM, “God Rap”

8. “Rush”

You could be the biggest star in the world,
Don’t matter, one day you’re going to leave the world,
Trying to put a rush on it,
God, don’t let me put a rush on it.

— RM, “Rush”

9. “Life”

Why is there no opposite word of loneliness? Could it be because people, until they die, have no moments of not being lonely?

— RM, “Life”

Are we living to die or are we dying to live?

— RM, “Life”

10. “Adrift”

Where is my meaning? Where is my heart in this vast universe? I’m endlessly adrift.

— RM, “Adrift”

11. “I Believe”

You want to become everything, a leader for yourself,
But you have to believe in yourself, your own leader.

— RM, “I Believe”