NCT 127’s Most Iconic Moments of the “Sticker” Era

“Sticker” promotions had plenty of hilarious moments, so here are some of the most iconic ones

After a year-long hiatus, NCT 127 came back strong with not one, but two albums in the space of two months. Starting with the Sticker comeback in September, NCT 127 has been a whirlwind of activity, producing shows and performances left and right — and thus blessing fans with loads of hilarious and meme-able moments. Here are some of the fan-favorite moments of the Sticker and Favorite eras.


1. Jungwoo Paper Doll (aka Jungwoo Struggling in NCT Life)

When faced against the strongmen of NCT 127, Johnny and Jaehyun, in a game of tug of war, Jungwoo made a valiant effort to keep his team from losing — and ended up fighting for his life. Even the members couldn’t help laughing when they were shown the video.

Jungwoo in NCT Life | MMTG/Youtube


2. Johnny Living With People He Hates – Analog Trip

In the first episode of the Analog Trip, the members sat down for a meal and talked about what they would do in different scenarios. When asked whether they would rather live on a deserted island with one person they liked or with ten people they hate, Haechan answered, “In Seoul, with people I hate.” Seeing an opportunity for yet another of his trademark savage comments, Johnny immediately added, “I’ve been living like that until now.”

NCT 127 in Analog Trip | NCT 127/Youtube


3. Jaehyun’s (and Johnny’s) abs on SNL

NCT 127 hosted the first episode of the reboot of Korea SNL, and Johnny and Jaehyun came packing. In one of their skits, both members smoothly revealed picture-perfect abs in a moment that — naturally — instantly went viral.

Coupang Play/Youtube
Coupang Play/Youtube


4. Taeyong Waking Jaehyun up in the Morning

In a video that was deleted from the original episode of NCT 127’s Youtube series, Stick Together, Taeyong went to wake Jaehyun up in the morning. The video became available afterwards in the behind-the-scenes. It shows Taeyong climbing into bed with Jaehyun and teasing him like a little brother, much like he did all those years ago in NCT Life, which fans are sure to remember. It was a funny, cheeky, yet quite endearing moment. It surely left fans wondering: why was it cut from the original episode in the first place?


5. Johnny: That Man is My Girl

In yet another hilarious clip from NCT Life, Johnny can be heard saying, “That man is my girl,” by accident as he acted out famous lines from movies and TV shows for a game. He quickly corrected himself, but that hasn’t stopped fans from repeating the phrase as a joke ever since then!

Johnny in NCT Life | aurora/Youtube


6. Jaehyun and Taeil’s Dance-off on NCT127’s ‘Street New Song Fighter’

While promoting Sticker, the members had a dramatic dance-off on the MMTG show, with Taeyong taking on his role of Street Woman Fighter judge. While many members performed hilariously over-the-top dances (looking at you, Johnny and Jungwoo), Jaehyun shocked everyone with some unexpectedly intense moves.

Jaehyun and Taeil Dance-off | @mmtg_oops/Instagram


7. Mark and Jungwoo Getting Giggly Over Yuta’s Acting

When the members were asked to act out emojis in a video for Cosmopolitan, Yuta delighted fellow members Mark and Jungwoo, who couldn’t stop giggling over everything Yuta did. Fans will know about the close relationship between the three of them, so this moment was equal parts funny and endearing!



Yuta acting out emojis | Cosmopolitan/Youtube