5 Star Idols-Turned-Actresses Who Need To Make A Comeback On Stage ASAP

Just one comeback please ㅠㅠ

It’s common for idols to turn to acting as their careers progress, and these five singers are currently killing it on South Korean screens. However, that doesn’t stop fans from missing their stage performances like crazy. Here are five idol-actresses who fans urgently want to see a music comeback from.

1. Krystal

Krystal first got her start in the industry as a child actress in television commercials, but she rose to fame as the lead vocalist, visual, and maknae of f(x).

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After debuting in 2009, Krystal made her acting debut in MBC‘s More Charming by the Day in 2010. Since then, she’s appeared in popular dramas and movies like SBS‘s The Heirs, OCN‘s Player, and More than Family.


However, she hasn’t had a music comeback in over five years. Her last release with f(x) was “4 Walls” in 2015, and while has participated in OSTs and collaborations in the past, Krystal never had an official solo debut. As such, it’s no surprise that fans are dying to hear her sing again some time soon.

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2. Suzy

After failing to make it onto Mnet‘s Superstar K a year prior, Suzy debuted as the visual, maknae, and lead vocalist of Miss A back in 2010.

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Just one year later, she made her acting debut as a lead character in hit drama Dream High (KBS2). Miss A sadly disbanded in 2017, but by then, Suzy had become a star actress. Recently, she appeared in SBS’s Vagabond and tvN‘s Start-Up.

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Suzy made her highly successful solo debut with Yes? No? in 2017, releasing a second album (Faces of Love) in 2018. However, in over two years since, she’s been relatively silent on the music front—bar a handful of OSTs and collabs. Fans agree that the time is definitely right for Suzy to make a return to the stage.

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3. Yoona

To many, Yoona is known as the lead dancer, lead rapper, and visual of Girls’ Generation, one of the most popular girl groups in world history.

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To others, she’s known as star actress in the K-Drama and film industry. The year after her idol debut, Yoona scored a minor role on MBC’s Two Outs in the Ninth Inning. That year, she won her first “Best New Actress” award, going on to star in movies like Exit and dramas like The King in Love.

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In 2019, Yoona’s solo debut EP (A Walk to Remember) became the fastest-selling female soloist album in its first 24 hours. She’s also a member of Oh!GG, the five-member Girls’ Generation sub-unit. However, it’s been almost three years since she treated fans to a real comeback.

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4. Nana

Nana debuted as the main dancer, lead rapper, and visual of After School in 2009, joining sub-unit Orange Caramel in 2010.

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She didn’t make her K-Drama acting debut in South Korea until 2016, when she starred in tvN’s The Good Wife. However, from then on, she became one of the most popular idol-actresses in the country. Since then, she’s appeared in OCN’s Kill It, KBS2’s Justice, and even a handful of movies.

| KBS2

However, Nana is still yet to make a solo debut as a singer. She has a handful of solo Orange Caramel singles and collabs under her belt, but her fans are desperate to see her take to the stage again one of these days.

| @jin_a_nana/Instagram

5. Sohee

One of the original members of Wonder Girls, Sohee debuted as a singer in 2007. The group quickly shot to stardom, and remains one of the most iconic K-Pop acts to this day.

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Sohee actually made her acting debut before becoming an idol, playing a minor role in a short film at the age of 12. Then, in 2008, she starred in her first movie—Hellcats. In the past decade, she’s appeared in some of the most popular productions, including international hit Train to Busan.

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But shockingly, Sohee has never released a solo song. Her last release with Wonder Girls was “Like Money” featuring Akon in 2012. If the main dancer was to make a stage comeback now, there’s no doubt everyone would be tuning in.

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