10+ Interesting Idol SNS Handles And The Story Behind Them

So that’s where it came from!

Have you ever really looked at an idol’s social media handle and wondered how they came up with it? If you have, you definitely aren’t the only one! Although some of them may seem weird at first, all these handles actually mean a lot more than you might think! Here are just a few SNS handles that have caused a lot of confusion and the real story behind them!


1. Kai (EXO) — “zkdlin”

Some people might not know Kai‘s Instagram handle “zkdlin” spells out Kai (카이) in Korean along with “in!” Some EXO-Ls have heard he tried 5 different variations of “Kai” and “Kim Kai” before settling on this one! Regardless it’s super cute and fans totally love it!


2. Onew (SHINee) — “dlstmxkakwldrl”

While many fans believe Onew‘s handle “dlstmxkakwdrl” means “Insta Old Man” when typed out on the Korean Keyboard, it actually means something else! When  “dlstmxkakawldrl” is typed out on the Korean keyboard it comes out as “인스타마징기” or “Insta Majingki.” This combines his nickname “My Jinki” with Instagram! Fans also get a kick out of Onew’s Twitter handle “skehehdanfdldi.” When this one is typed out it translates to “I am an animal too.”


3. IU — “dlwlrma”

IU‘s Instagram handle “dlwlrma” is a play on words. Typed out it spells Lee Jigeum which is close to IU’s real name Lee Jieun. The play on words comes at the end. “Geum” means gold while “Eun” means silver. So IU’s really going for gold!


4. Seunghoon (WINNER) — “maetamong”

Seunghoon‘s Instagram handle is “maetamong” with is the Korean name for the Pokémon character Ditto! Now we all know why he has Ditto as his profile picture!


5. Sungjae (BTOB) — “yook_can_do_it”

Well, this one doesn’t really need any explaining but fans are in love with the fact that he changed his ID 7 times before finally deciding on this on!


6. Vernon (SEVENTEEN) — “chwenotchew”

Vernon‘s Insta handle “chwenotchew” is a reference to all the times his surname, Chwe, was misspelled.


7. Xiumin (EXO) — “e_xiu_o”

Savy EXO-Ls have definitely noticed the sweet message in Xiumin‘s handle since it’s a way to combine his name with EXO‘s!


8. Sunmi — “miyayeah”

Every wondered why Sunmi‘s handle is “miyayeah”? Well, Miya is Sunmi’s nickname! And the addition of “yeah” may have been added because it’s similar to “ya.”


9. Ren (NU’EST W) — “glorypath”

Many fans know that Ren is a fan of Lady Gaga. So it makes sense that his handle is most likely a reference to Lady Gaga’s “Edge of Glory”. Previously, Ren’s handle was “Borth_This_Ren” which is further proof that he’s keeping with his Lady Gaga theme!


10. Hoya (former INFINITE member) — “isayhousayya”

At first glance “isayhousayya” doesn’t look like much but with a couple spaces it quickly transforms into “I say ho u say ya!” So another brilliant play on words by an idol!


11. Junho (2PM) — “dlwnsghek”

Back to the Korean keyboard again and you’ll find out that “dlwnsghek” spells out “It’s Lee Junho.”


12. B.I (iKON) — “shxxbi131”

Many fans get a kick out of B.I‘s Instagram handle. It comes from an infamous tweet trying to drag the boys and read, “iKON flops eat shit B.I.” So iKONICs know that not only is B.I unbothered by this but he was so unbothered that it became his handle! Add in the addition of 131 which looks like the letters “B” and “I” and you’ve got a brilliant handle!