11 Idols Who Lived Their Fanboy And Fangirl Dreams IRL

Luckiest fanboys and fangirls around!

Many K-Pop idols are known to be huge fanboys and fangirls of other idols and while they’re bound to run into each other because they’re in the same business, it’s normally just a brief encounter. For some idols, however, they got to live out every one of their fan dreams when they came face-to-face with their own idols!


1.  Yoon Jisung (Wanna One)

Ever since Yoon Jisung saw NU’EST enter the room on Produce 101, the whole world has known that he’s a major fan of the group. In fact, he was even caught saying that he wanted a kiss on the cheek from them.


And when he debuted in Wanna One, it just so happened that his wish would come true thanks to Hwang Minhyun!


2. BamBam (GOT7)

BamBam probably wasn’t expecting to meet one of his all-time favorite groups in an elevator on M! Countdown, but he did…


And got a hug from G-Dragon to boot!


3. Jennie and Lisa (BLACKPINK)

Jennie and Lisa have been fans of Dua Lipa for a long time and while it was already exciting enough that they got to meet the singer backstage at one of her concerts…


They took things even further when BLACKPINK got to do a collab with her!


4. Somyi (DIA)

Somyi was one of the biggest DIA fangirls around, she even had an official membership to the group’s first generation fanclub!


And as we all know, Somyi would later get to join the group! That’s probably one of the most successful fan moments out there!


5. Hoshi (SEVENTEEN)

Carats know that Hoshi is a huge Shawol. So much so, that fans will regularly buy SHINee‘s lightstick to give to him at fan meetings!


So when Hoshi got a signed copy of SHINee’s 1 of 1 CD from Key, he was over the moon.


But that’s not the end to Hoshi’s fanboy dreams. On one episode of Amazing Saturday, Key revealed that he’s actually very close with Hoshi and that the two have even spent time at his house together!


6. Hyunjin (Stray Kids)

When Stray Kids were just starting out, they got a surprise visit from two GOT7 members. Of course, Hyunjin was incredibly excited about one particular guest and couldn’t help but fixate on him.


That is until Jinyoung noticed his stares! Although he tried to play it cool, JB was quick to guess he was a fan of Jinyoung.


And after giving lots of praise to his sunbae, Hyunjin then got an invitation to have a meal with his idol!


7. Xiumin (EXO)

Many EXO-Ls know that part of the reason that Xiumin joined SM Entertainment was that he is a huge TVXQ fan. In fact, he’s been to a ton of their concerts and has some of their official merch!


And really, Xiumin’s living the dream because not only is he under the same company as them, he’s got a pretty amazing sunbaehoobae relationship with them too!


8. Kenta (JBJ)

Kenta has been a huge fan of TEEN TOP for years. He’s been to all of their concerts in Japan and tried to make it to all of their concerts after he debuted too.


So when he got a special phone call from his bias, Ricky, on Heyo TV. The best part? Ricky remembered him!


And Ricky even cheered Kenta on! Now that’s a moment Kenta will never forget!


9. Hongbin (VIXX)

Hongbin is a massive fan of Park Hyo Shin and actually decided to sign under Jellyfish Entertainment because of him! And when he first met him he gave him such a big hug that Park Hyo Shin dropped his phone and cracked it! Although it’s a bit of an embarrassing story, Hongbin probably doesn’t regret it too much!


Lucky, the ballad singer didn’t hold it against him and even gave Hongbin a huge surprise on his birthday!


10. Eric (THE BOYZ)

Eric is a big, big fan of GOT7 and his bias is Mark


So when he got to interact with him at KCON Thailand, it had to have been an extremely exciting moment for him!


Bonus: Yunhyeong (iKON)

Yunhyeong has a particular love for Nivea‘s cherry lip balm. So much so that, he’s even called it one of his most treasured possessions!


So fans were absolutely ecstatic for him when, shortly after his debut, he landed a solo CF with the company! Then he became a Nivea ambassador, and the rest of the group did too. Now that’s the perfect match!