7 Fan Given Nicknames For Idols That Are Almost TOO Perfect

These names are perfect for them.

1. BTS’ V: 김스치면인연 (Kim Seuchimyeoninyeon)

This nickname was created by combining V’s last name Kim and a sentence that means “To pass by someone and become friends instantly”. This nickname was given to V who easily makes friends and becomes best friends with the celebrities he worked with, such as Park Bo Gum, Park Seo Joon, Ha Ji Won and more.

2. WINNER’s Mino: 생각거지 (Saenggak Geoji).

This word means “thought deprived” and was given to Mino who often said things like “Wow, I never thought of that” and “I could never think like that”.

3. MAMAMOO’s Solar: 애숭모 (Aesoongmo)

Among MAMAMOO’s fans, Solar is often called Aesoongmo, a cute way of calling an aunt. She often posts her selfies on her Instagram, but her selfies are so bad, fans think that they look like selfies of an aunt who is trying to live young.

A post shared by 솔라 Solar (@yongsun91) on

A post shared by 솔라 Solar (@yongsun91) on

4. BTOB’s Sungjae: 육잘또 (Yook Jal Tto)

Sungjae is so handsome but his actions are sometimes so crazy, it doesn’t match his stunning visuals. So, Sungjae is often called Yook Jal Tto by his fans, which combines the words Yook from his name, Jal meaning handsome and Tto meaning crazy.

5. EXO’s D.O: 알모경 (Al Mo Kyung)

“Al Mo Kyung” is short for “You think you know Kyungsoo, but you don’t”. D.O has such a diverse character, that he can go from being innocent and gentle to savagely funny. Fans are surprised every time they find a new side of D.O and gave this nickname to him.

6. SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan: 눕정한 (NoopJeonghan)

SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan can be seen laying on anything, anytime, and anywhere, which gained him the nickname “laying Jeonghan”.

7. GOT7 Youngjae: 영또화 (Young Ddo Hwa)

Young Ddo Hwa is short for “Is Youngjae going to the restroom again”. Fans gave this nickname to Youngjae who always disappears from the screen and goes to the restroom.


Source: Insight