The Setup vs The Shot: Behind-The-Scenes Pics Prove These 6 Stars Are Photoshoot Queens

Only these queens could pull this off.

When you see these behind-the-scenes photos from six female K-Pop acts’ photoshoots, their ability to look perfect no matter the circumstances will have you in shock.

1. Jennie (BLACKPINK)

From her windswept hair to her glowing skin, Jennie looks positively perfect in this promotional photo for HERA.


You’d never guess she was sitting on a stack of crates with a blanket over her lap when it was taken.

| @jennierubyjane/Instagram

2. Irene (Red Velvet)

In this rare solo photoshoot for GRAZIA Korea, Irene captured fans’ hearts with that camera-piercing gaze she’s known so well for.

| GRAZIA Korea

But behind the scenes, she was beaming with sweatpants and trodden-down shoes on.

| @renebaebae/Instagram

3. Kim Lip (LOONA)

These days, LOONA is one of the most successful girl groups in K-Pop. However, their beginnings were a little humbler. Remember Kim Lip’s iconic teaser photo?

| BlockBerry Creative

Her agency looked up colorful backgrounds on YouTube and projected them over her face to create it.

| loonatheworld/YouTube

4. Seulgi (Red Velvet)

Seulgi looked like a flawless woodland fairy in this shoot for Naver x Dispatch, surrounded by pretty leaves and tree branches.

How did she manage to perch herself in that tree without looking awkward?!

5. Aespa

For their first photoshoot as Givenchy ambassadors, the aespa members went with super cool wet-look hair styling to complement their outfits.

| Givenchy

But when you see how their hair looked behind the scenes, it’s surprising how well they pulled it off.

| aespa/YouTube


Unsurprisingly, all the BLACKPINK members are photoshoot queens. They looked stunning in this Marie Claire Korea anniversary pictorial back in 2018.

| Marie Claire Korea

Would you believe it if we said they were sitting on a mattress in a shady looking room the whole time? Because it’s 100% true.

| @marieclairekorea/Instagram