3 Idol Reality Shows All “Veteran” K-Pop Fans Know

Have you seen these?

If you’ve been in the K-Pop game for quite a while you’d be familiar with these names. However, if you’re a new generation K-Pop fan, what better time to tune in than now?

1. “You Are My Oppa”

This was rather famous for it contains idols from not one, not two, but three groups! Boy Group INFINITE was given the task of taking care of a younger girl like a sister. All the members did not have younger sisters in real life, and so the reality show was a whole new experience for them. Chosen to be their “little sister” was Lovelyz‘s Yoo Jiae pre-debut. She later become a trainee in Woollim Entertainment after the show. INFINITE was mentored by Epik High on the show. Catch it below!

2. “The Romantic & Idol”

Ah, back in the days where idols could interact freely! This was a dating reality show that paired 4 female and 4 male idols together. The show ran for 2 seasons with various idols featuring on it, such as GOT7‘s JB, Rainbow‘s SeungAh, Jewelry‘s Yewon, BTOB‘s Minhyuk, and more. Check it out below.

3. “Mnet Scandal”

Another virtual dating program, this one pairs an idol with a regular citizen. The episode starring Teentop‘s L.Joe and C.A.P was particularly popular for the young teen cast. Check it out below.

What are you waiting for? Catch them now!