4 Tips From Professional Idol Trainers That All Aspiring K-Pop Idols Need To Know To Ace Their Auditions

#3 is definitely insider information!

Planning on becoming a K-Pop idol? YouTube channel AYO invited professional idol trainers to reveal insider information and tips on how to give aspirants the highest chances of passing company auditions.

One of them, Lee Yoon Ji, has experience in the industry after being the vocalist of Coridel Entertainment‘s PLAYBACK while the other, Kim Se Yeon, taught vocal training for 10 years and counting.

Kim Se Yeon (Left) and Lee Yoon Ji (Right)

Check out some of their best pieces of advice below!

1. Try your best.

Before becoming BTS‘s dancer and rapper, J-Hope stood out for his perseverance. He was so hardworking, he once danced for three hours straight during an audition!

When I hear idol’s auditioning stories, I feel like you win because you’re a winner. BTS’s J-Hope went to do an audition and the staff left with the camera on saying, ‘Dance a little then you can go.’ And he danced for three hours.

— AYO Netizen

The trainers immediately praised him, saying, “Wow, that’s incredible. You win because you’re a winner.” Idol hopefuls should enter auditions with a persistent mindset similar to J-Hope’s.

2. Show what you’ve got.

Similar to trying your best, you should also be flexible. Kim Se Yeon revealed that agents “might make you sing some songs that you’d never know.”

She suggested doing anything but refusing to do what’s asked. The ones who end up succeeding are those who aren’t afraid to go out of their comfort zones.

In that situation, most kids are flustered, saying, ‘I can’t do it.’ But kids who pass it are a bit different. Even if they don’t know it, they go, ‘I’ll try.’

— Kim Se Yeon

3. Sing K-Pop songs.

Not sure what songs you should choose? The trainers highly recommended singing K-Pop songs that have mass appeal. In their eyes, it doesn’t make sense to pick a ballad when you’re auditioning to be an idol.

It’s better if you can sing idol songs well. You’re not trying to be a ballad singer. So the first thing [to do] is to sing idol songs well rather than only singing ballads well. A lot of idol songs are rhythmical so it’s nice if you can show your sense of rhythm. A lot of people think they get bored if you sing something too famous. That’s actually not true. You just have to sing what you’re good at.

— Kim Se Yeon

Some tracks they approve of include Taeyeon‘s “Rain” and I.O.I‘s “Downpour.”

4. Prepare to be questioned.

Finally, if you’re lucky, you’ll be part of a select number of auditionees who stand out as soon as they perform. Be ready for agents to set up a camera test in the first round: “Sometimes when they think they’ve found someone, they do a camera test and ask simple questions.” 

The final round of auditions is when questions are really expected. The trainers recommended talking about your favorite music, singers or role models, and your dreams during your self-introduction. It also goes without saying that you should be confident and natural while speaking!

In the end, the two encouraged idol hopefuls to keep trying. No matter how hard it is in the start, they will eventually get their chances to shine.

I think there’s luck for sure. But you’ll get your luck when your skill and opportunity match up. If you’re well prepared, you’ll get your chance at one point.

— Lee Yoo Jin

Check out the full video below!