These Idol Workout Videos Will Inspire You To Start Working Out

Who’s ready to burn some calories?

Many idols follow a strict workout and/or diet regiment to ensure that they stay in good shape. Some idols have even shared some of their workout moves so that others can follow along as well! Here are some of their workouts with semi-serious ratings:

| pawjohnny/Tumblr 

1. KARD BM’s home workout

Need a quick full body workout? BM has got your back. This short 4 minute video workout routine for beginners felt like it came from an actual fitness YouTuber channel complete with timed sets, built in rest time between sets, and continuous pep talk. 10/10 for being super informative and feasible.

2. Wonho’s ab workout

Wonho guarantees that “anyone can have abs if you follow this routine.” Considering how chiseled he is, I believe it. 8/10 for the detailed workout moves and eye candy to inspire me, -2 because if Wonho got exhausted after this workout, I don’t know if I could survive.

3. GOT7 BamBam’s upper body workout

BamBam is still early in his workout journey, but wanted to document his time at the gym to encourage IGOT7s to workout with him. But he clarifies that working out “should be for yourself, rather than trying to show off to someone else.” 7/10 for his enthusiasm and inspiring words, but -2 because this workout requires using weights and -1 for exposing IGOT7s in the end when he said “instead of just sitting on the couch and watching tv, work out a little with me.” Ouch, BamBam. But since it’s you, it’s alright.

4. NCT Johnny’s workout vlog

While Johnny’s video was more of a vlog than an actual workout guide, his method of doing functional exercises with his personal trainer is also a solid way to work out at home or at the gym. 7/10 because I don’t know how many sets to do.

5. Workout with WayV

Yes, the video is chaotic, but once you take away most of the chaos, the actual workout moves aren’t that bad. You might not be able to do all the stretching moves like Ten, but that’s okay. 6/10 because the workout can be done at home, but -4 for all the chaos.

All jokes aside, watching these idols work hard to maintain their health and physique is inspiring, and hopefully you felt inspired to take action as well!

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