8 Successful Idols That Originally Trained to Become Athletes

Fans are glad they didn’t end up going that route.

Some of the biggest Korean celebrities have become so well-known in the entertainment business that not many fans know about their past as aspiring athletes.

Here are 8 singers and actors that originally trained to become athletes before they changed their paths and debuted as celebrities:

1. Kim Yohan – Taekwondo

Before Kim Yohan became an idol that steals the hearts of many fans, he was a Taekwondo athlete. His father was a Taekwondo instructor, and as a result of his influence, Kim Yohan won the youth nationals two times and even entered college as a Taekwondo talent.

2. Park Bo Gum – Swimming

It’s been reported that Park Bo Gum used to be a swimmer as a kid, but after not being able to get over a slump, he gave it up at around 15 years old. As a result, fans are somewhat thankful for this slump, since that’s what led Park Bo Gum to the actor that he is today.

3. Yoon Doojoon – Soccer

Yoon Doojoon was a soccer player back when he was in middle school, and he even proved just how talented he is by displaying his skills at the idol championships.

4. Song Hye Kyo – Figure Skating

Many fans are surprised to know that Song Hye Kyo used to be a figure skater when she was in middle school. However, her beauty must have been outstanding back then as well, because she coincidentally entered a school uniform modeling contest led her into the entertainment industry.

5. Key – Water Skiing

It’s been reported that Key was a representing water skiier of Daegu when he was in middle school. He was so good that he even won several awards at national events.

6. So Ji Sub – Swimming

Considering So Ji Sub‘s impressive physique, it might not be so surprising that he was a skilled swimmer in high school. It’s been reported that he won a gold medal at group nationals and two bronze medals at individual nationals.

7. Yoon Hyun Min – Baseball

Before Yoon Hyun Min became an actor, he was a baseball player for Hanhwa Eagles back in 2004 before he transferred to Doosan Bears.

8. Song Joong Ki – Short Track

Song Joong Ki was actually a short track athlete for 10 years in Daejeon. Despite being talented enough to qualify for nationals three times, he ultimately had to give it up due to a knee injury.


Source: Insight