10+ Idols Who Became Their Group’s Main Dancers…Just For A Second

Who knew they could dance like this?

Every group has its main dancers, and even though fans love to see them at work, they also love being surprised. Sometimes members who aren’t normally known for their dancing are given opportunities to shine and gift fans with a mini dance solo, front and center. Here are 10+ idols who became their group’s main dancers, just for a moment!


1. Suga (BTS) – “IDOL” MV


2. Dahyun (TWICE) – “TT” MV


3. Suho (EXO) – “Monster” MV


4. Shuhua ((G)-IDLE) – “HANN(Alone)” MV

Fun fact: Soyeon choreographed this dance solo for Shuhua. Since Shuhua has a background in modern dance, Soyeon decided that the dance break would suit her best. Shuhua pulled it off flawlessly!


5. Key and Minho (SHINee) – “The View” MV


6. Jeno (NCT) – “Black on Black” MV


7.  Chaeyoung (TWICE) – “LIKEY” (Part Changed Ver.)

When TWICE switched parts for this special “LIKEY” version, Chaeyoung got the chance to show off her dancing skills by dancing to Momo’s parts.


8. Johnny and Haechan (NCT 127) – “Chain” MV


9. RM (BTS) – “Am I Wrong?”


10. Hwiyoung (SF9) – “Now or Never”


11. Joshua (SEVENTEEN)

Fun Fact: Not only did Joshua get a chance to dance in center during the chorus, he also inadvertently added to the choreography. He accidentally raised his hand at the wrong time, but he made it look so natural that anyone who had not seen the performance before would have thought that it was intentional!