10 Idols With Blonde Hair That Looks Just As Natural As Their Actual Hair Colors

Your favorite blonde queens and kings, everyone.

The blonde bombshell look is a favorite in K-Pop among idols who want to switch things up and go wild with their hair colors. Most idols switch back to their natural hair colors or moving on to different shades — but some end up keeping that platinum blondie look as somewhat of a default. These 10 idols have so completely embraced their blonde style that it has become iconic and perhaps even more natural than their actual hair colors!


1. Taeyeon

All of Taeyeon‘s blonde eras dominate, it’s true. But her “Lion Heart” blonde piggy tails is definitely one of the most iconic AF.


2. BTS’s Suga

BTS‘s Suga rocks that blonde like no other. Complemented by his flawless skin, Suga’s blonde is sugar sweet.


3. TWICE’s Dahyun

From dirty blonde to platinum blonde, TWICE‘s Dahyun can do them all!


4. SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan

SEVENTEEN Jeonghan‘s jaw-dropping curly blonde swept the internet off its feet when pictures graced online!


5. Red Velvet’s Yeri

Red Velvet‘s Yeri gives off major Disney princess vibe in blonde! This blonde hair + red lip look will always be her signature look.


6. Dawn (Formerly E’Dawn)

Dawn‘s blonde is often on the sandier — almost rusty — side, but he can handle all shades of blonde with no problem.


7. BOL4’s Jiyoung

BOL4‘s Jiyoung has been blonde since the beginning of time. Fans can hardly remember — or imagine — Jiyoung in any other hair color!


8. EXO’s Baekhyun

EXO‘s Baekhyun is like a giant golden retriever when he’s sporting this sandy blonde shade of hair color. Who could possibly resist?


9. Hyoyeon

Hyoyeon, since Girls’ Generation days, has been a queen of that platinum blonde — and will probably forever and always be.


10. Taemin

So translucent and glowing, SHINee‘s Taemin in blonde is 200% full of that “Little Prince” vibe.