4 Idols Who Changed Their Legal Names Because Of Bad Luck

Which names suit them best?

Many people choose their children’s names based on pretty sounds or family heritage, but some stars earned their names through their fortunes. These four K-Pop idols all changed their legal names to prevent bad luck from following them around—and judging by their fame and success, it may have worked.


Now named Lalisa Manoban, BLACKPINK’s Lisa was named Pranpriya Manoban when she was born. Native to Lisa’s home country of Thailand, the name Pranpriya comes from two Thai words: praan meaning “breath” or “soul” and priya meaning “beloved”.

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While the name Pranpriya may sound beautiful, after consulting with a fortune-teller, Lisa’s family was told the name could bring her bad luck. So, when Lisa was a child, she changed her legal name to Lalisa, meaning “one who is praised.”

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2. Joohoney (MONSTA X)

A few years ago, MONSTA X’s Joohoney changed his English stage name from its original form of Jooheon, his legal name. However, what many people don’t know is that Joohoney actually changed his legal name several times too.

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When he was born, Joohoney’s parents named him Lee Ho Joon. However, he felt like the name was bringing him bad luck. So, when he was in middle school, he changed his name to Lee Ji Hwan—but it still wasn’t the right fit. Eventually, he found the perfect name: Lee Joo Heon.

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3. Mijoo (Lovelyz)

In a recent radio appearance, Lovelyz’s Mijoo revealed that she’s changing her legal name at the age of 26. Her birth name, Lee Mi Joo, translates to “beautiful pearl” in Hanja, but her mother recently requested that she change it.

Mijoo revealed that her mother went to see a fortune teller, just like Lisa’s parents did. During their meeting, the fortune-teller told Mijoo’s mother that her daughter needed to change her name, likely because it could bring her bad luck. As such, the Lovelyz star has changed her name to Lee Seung Ah—though she’s keeping Mijoo as her stage name.

4. Yoon Jisung (Wanna One)

Actor, soloist, and former Wanna One leader Yoon Jisung also changed his name because of bad luck. His current name translates to “holy wisdom” in Hanja, which definitely sounds like a name with good connotations.

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But when he was born, his parents named him Yoon Byeong Ok. In a 2019 interview, the star explained that he changed his legal name to Yoon Ji Sung because “things weren’t looking up for [him]” with his original name.

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