10 Times Idols Collapsed On Stage From Exhaustion

They pushed themselves beyond their limits.

Idols have extremely busy schedules and don’t always get the chance to recharge before a concert. Even when they are fatigued, they push through to give their audience the show of a lifetime, but sometimes they push themselves a little too far. These idols all went beyond their limits, but thankfully, they have made full recoveries since then.


1. Jungkook (BTS)

In an episode of Burn the Stage,Jungkook suffered from an episode of heat exhaustion. Thankfully, his members and staff were both there to take care of him on stage, and off.


2. Joy (Red Velvet)

As soon as the stage’s airs effect started to go off, Joy held her head in her hands and fell to her knees. Joy was exhausted from her busy schedule but, she was able to stand up and continue the show.


3. G-Dragon (BIGBANG)

G-Dragon gave his fans (and staff) a fright when he collapsed in the middle of this show, just off stage.


4. Krystal [f(x)]

In 2010, Krystal fainted on stage during f(x)’s “Mr. Boogie” performance. Fatigue and sleeping only a couple of hours a day became too much for her to handle.


5. Kai (EXO)

During a concert, Kai nearly took a tumble from the stage but managed to stop himself at the last minute. If he had fallen, he could have been seriously injured.


6. Taemin (SHINee)

All of SHINee looked worn out by the end of this energetic performance, but Taemin was especially fatigued. He can be seen falling forward, into his members’ arms.


7. Jimin (BTS)

Jimin managed to push through his entire performance, but when he reached the edge of the stage, he fell to the ground, exhausted.


8. Hyeri (Girl’s Day)

Following Girl’s Day‘s 2014 performance of “Something”, Hyeri collapsed and couldn’t get back up.

She was so exhausted that the group’s manager ended up having to carry her off the stage.

Even though Hyeri made it through the entire performance, but it’s clear from her heavy breathing that she was definitely struggling.


9. N (VIXX)

After doing a spin, N lost his balance, fell to the stage, and couldn’t seem to back up. Luckily, his members were there to help him!


10. SinB (GFRIEND)

GFRIEND‘s performance came to a sudden halt when SinB fainted. Her members and staff members quickly came to her rescue once they realized something was wrong.