6 Talented Idols Who Drew Their Own Album Covers

They’re giving designers a run for their money 🤩

Alongside their skills in singing, dancing, and rapping, these six idols are just as talented at art—and they used their abilities to draw their very own album covers!

1. Jackson Wang (GOT7)

Back in 2019, GOT7’s Jackson Wang drew the album cover artwork for his debut studio album, Mirrors.

| JYP Entertainment

Many fans believe the design is based on the octagonal bagua mirror, a Taoist amulet used to ward off negative energy.

GOT7’s Jackson Wang | Armani Beauty

2. Hyunjin (Stray Kids)

While it hasn’t been officially confirmed, fans believe Hyunjin drew the cover art for Stray Kids’ recent digital single, Mixtape: OH.

| JYP Entertainment

Stays already suspected his involvement from the moment the artwork was revealed, but they were almost certain after Hyunjin shared two more lollipop drawings he created on Bubble.

Stray Kids’ Hyunjin | JYP Entertainment

3. Key (SHINee)

SHINee’s Key was one of the earliest idols to draw his group’s album artwork.

| SM Entertainment

In 2013, he painted the unique and brightly colored cover for The Misconceptions of Us.

SHINee’s Key | SM Entertainment

4. Kino (PENTAGON)

Last year, PENTAGON’s Kino revealed that he drew the digital album cover artwork for WE:TH.

| Cube Entertainment

He went on to confirm that the daisy he painted, which originally had a pink background, was a gift for Hui ahead of his enlistment in the military.

PENTAGON’s Kino | Cube Entertainment

5. Jiyoon (Weeekly)

The most recent cover on this list is Weeekly’s WE PLAY, drawn by Jiyoon.

| Play M Entertainment

The cover artwork (which was made in two color variations) features a whole host of bright and adorable objects, from burgers to roller skates to a cat in space. Jiyoon says the image took her a whole week to draw, but she was proud when she saw the final result.

Weeekly’s Jiyoon | Play M Entertainment

6. Miya (GWSN)

The cover for GWSN’s The Keys may look like a professional stock graphic, but it was actually illustrated by Miya.

| The WAVE Music

The ornate drawing truly shows Miya’s technical skill as an artist as well as her eye for beauty.

GWSN’s Miya | The WAVE Music
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