Never Trust These 10 Idols With Your Birthday Cake

What is it with idols constantly dropping cakes? 😭

There’s something about idols and birthday cakes that just doesn’t mix. If you’re ever lucky enough to have a K-Pop star at your birthday party, here are 10 idols you should never trust to hold your birthday cake without dropping it!

1. J-Hope (BTS)

As if J-Hope dropping his birthday cake wasn’t bad enough, he ended up splattering it all over RM‘s expensive bag. Though, to be fair, he was a little distracted by Jimin!

2. Irene (Red Velvet)

Red Velvet received the cutest cake to celebrate the release of “Queendom,” but if it wasn’t for Wendy‘s quick reflexes, Irene would’ve dropped it to the ground.

3. Jaemin (NCT)

Dropping a cake is one thing, but Jaemin took it to the next level when he sat on Jeno‘s cake box before his birthday.

4. IU

IU got so distracted by her fans sweetly singing “Happy Birthday” to her at a concert, she didn’t notice her cake slipping away until it was too late.

5. Changbin (Stray Kids)

Which fell faster—that cake or Changbin’s grin?

6. Heeseung (ENHYPEN)

Nothing represents the feeling of Heeseung dropping his cake better than BE:LIFT‘s dramatic editing right afterwards.

7. Kevin (THE BOYZ)

The members’ chaotic screams when Kevin dropped his cake turned what could’ve been a sad moment into something hilarious.

8. MJ & Jinjin (ASTRO)

Even the combined power of two members of ASTRO was not enough to keep this cake off the ground.

9. Seunghyub (N.Flying)

We were just as shocked as Seunghyub was when this adorable pumpkin cake went splat.

10. Isa (STAYC)

You’ve heard of dropping your phone on your face—now get ready for dropping your phone on your cake!