8 Idols Who Fangirled Over Red Velvet’s Seulgi Just As Much As The Rest Of Us

Who wouldn’t fangirl over charismatic and cute Seulgi?

Can’t get enough of Red Velvet’s charismatic main dancer and resident teddy bear Seulgi? Get in line—these 8 idol girls are just as obsessed with Seulgi as you are!


1. Tzuyu (TWICE)

The Idol Pick Survey sees over 100 K-Pop idols rank their fellow idols in categories like best body and best visuals. On this year’s survey, one of the questions asked idols who they’d like to collaborate with in a project group and why.

Tzuyu’s answer? “Red Velvet’s Seulgi—I like her, she’s cool!”. The two shared the stage previously performing S.E.S’s “Dreams Come True” along with Red Velvet’s Irene and Joy and TWICE’s Momo and Chaeyoung.

2. YoonA (Girls’ Generation)

YoonA has proven herself a fan of Seulgi several times. Back on Christmas day in 2018, she shared a sweet conversation between them on KakaoTalk where she couldn’t help but call Seulgi cute.

When a SONE at her fansign asked who they should cheer for at SMTOWN Live in Tokyo, YoonA was quick to answer with “Red Velvet!”. Which member in particular? YoonA responded, “Seulgi will be doing her best, so cheer for Seulgi!”

3. Sunmi

Soloist Sunmi is definitely one of Seulgi’s biggest fangirls. The two met on the JTBC show Secret Unnie, which pairs random female idols to share a day (and a bed) together. From the moment she saw Seulgi, she couldn’t stop doting on her.

Since then, she always likes Seulgi’s Instagram posts and leaves adorable comments.

As if that wasn’t enough, Sunmi even wrote a song for Seulgi! During Secret Unnie, Sunmi played a short demo she came up with after learning she was going to meet Seulgi. A few months later, a finished version of the song, entitled Secret Tape, made it onto Sunmi’s album.

4. Chaeyeon (IZ*ONE)

IZ*ONE is full of Red Velvet fangirls, and Chaeyeon is no exception. Right after shaking hands with Seulgi at an awards show, Chaeyeon had a full-on fangirl breakdown in excitement.

It made such an impression on Chaeyeon, she even brought up the experience again on a Japanese TV show, calling herself a successful fan.

5. YooA (Oh My Girl)

When Seulgi and YooA starred on Idol Drama Operation Team together, YooA didn’t hesitate to let Seulgi know how much of a fan she is—over and over again. As soon as she met Seulgi, she revealed how she’d dreamed of meeting her.

And as the show went on, she kept showering Seulgi with compliments. YooA was so enamored, she even used Seulgi as the inspiration for part of the script she wrote during the show.

6. Gyuri (KARA)

Gyuri, actress and former leader of KARA, just can’t stop bringing up how much of a Seulgi fangirl she is. Back in 2017, she commented on an Instagram photo of Red Velvet’s Red Room concert with a request: “Tell Seulgi that I like her… no, I love her…”

Her fangirling got the better of her, because she just couldn’t stop leaving comments about how she watches Seulgi’s dance videos and wasn’t to take her out for tteokbokki.

7. Kyulkyung (PRISTIN)

At a PRISTIN fansign back in 2017, a fan asked Kyulkyung which girl group member she’d like to be close to. Of course, she answered “Red Velvet’s Seulgi-sunbaenim.”

Luckily for Kyulkyung, her fans didn’t forget her wish. A few weeks later, one of them gifted her a Seulgi standee from the group’s Red Room concert merchandise range, and her reaction was priceless.

8. Eunwoo (HINAPIA)

HINAPIA’s Eunwoo is a major ReVeluv, and Seulgi is definitely her bias. In an interview with MK Sports, Eunwoo said “Seulgi-sunbaenim” is the celebrity she’s the biggest fan of, and mentioned that she even sings Red Velvet’s “So Good” at the noraebang.

HINAPIA covering “Bad Boy”.

Back when she was in PRISTIN, Eunwoo also shared the cutest fangirl story on the group’s fancafe. She told HIghs that she bumped into Seulgi at a salon and got to shake her hand. After that, she was so honored that she didn’t wash her hands all day! Eunwoo wanted to asked Seulgi for a hug, but she was too nervous to even look in her eyes.

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