3 K-Pop Idols Fans Think Could Be The New Member Of TripleS

It could be a former LOONA member!

One of the newer girl groups, that has been receiving a lot of attention from K-Pop fans, TripleS recently teased the reveal of a new member on their official Twitter account, and fans have been trying to find out who it could be ever since.

On March 17, TripleS posted a picture of an alleged new member of the group with her back to the camera. The picture was captioned with “S13 teaser drop” alongside the date March 20, 2023. This excited TripleS fans, who believe a new member of the group will be revealed on the mentioned date. But they didn’t stop there, social media platforms soon became full of theories on who this new member could be, in case she is an already known trainee or former member of another girl group.

1. Former LOONA member

Following the announcement of four LOONA members signing exclusive contracts with TripleS’s companyModhaus, fans theorized that this new member could very well be one of them.

| Blockberry Creative

Heejin, Kim Lip, Jinsoul, and Choerry were the four members that signed with Modhaus. In the official announcement, the company vowed to cheer on and actively support the four idols.

ModHaus cheers on Jun Heejin, Kim Jeongeun (Kim Lip), Jung Jinsol (JinSoul) and Choi Yerim (Choerry) in their new starts. And we promise to not hold back in our active support for them so that they can make more beautiful memories with fans.

Please love and show lots of in trust in Jun Heejin, Kim Jeongeun (Kim Lip), Jung Jinsol (JinSoul) and Choi Yerim (Choerry) in the future.

— Modhaus

Both of these announcements being so close to each other makes fans back this theory even more, with many taking to Twitter to share which former LOONA member they think it is.

2. Girls Planet 999‘s  Joung Min

Another former Blockberry Creative girl group member is rumored to be the new TripleS member. Joung Min has several fans theorizing that she could be the newest addition to the group.

The South Korean idol was born in 2004 and was previously part of two companies. Joung Min was a Polaris Entertainment trainee until 2021, and BlockBerry Creative from 2021 until 2022. However, she is mostly known for participating in Mnet‘s K-Pop reality survival show Girls Planet 999. Joung Min was eliminated from the show during the fifth episode.

BlockBerry Creative revealed Joung Min as a member of their trainee group, Bebez, on Instagram. The trainee group was supposed to make its debut in 2023. However, as news of internal issues and a lawsuit within BlockBerry Creative over unfair contracts with LOONA became public in November 2022, the agency made Bebez’s accounts inactive.

The only exception was a New Year’s greeting post that Joung Min was not a part of, confirming she had left the agency.

3. Choi Seoyoon (Ahee)

The former IOLITE member is another popular rumor among TripleS fans. Choi Seoyoon, also known as Ahee, was born in 2003 and trained to become a K-Pop idol at the Def Jam Skool. The rumors started when Seoyoon removed all followers and made her Instagram account private.

Seoyoon was meant to debut as a member of IOLITE until recently, in December 2022, the CEO of the company IOLITE would debut under revealed that all members had left the group. Following the rumors, fans discovered more information about the future rumored member, including this cover of Red Velvet‘s “Umpah Umpah.”