10+ Idols To Follow On New Social Media Platform “Threads”

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With the recent launch of Threads, the latest platform for text-based content sharing by Instagram, a whole new opportunity to connect with your favorite idols in a more casual and interactive way has emerged. From sharing real-time updates to joining public conversations, this platform has begun to grab the attention of many K-Pop stars. Here are the top 11 idols who are already making waves on Threads.

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1. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

Fans love the frequent, candid glimpses Taeyeon shares about her daily life and upcoming music projects on Threads. Make sure you follow her at @taeyeon_ss to stay up-to-date!

2. NCT’s Jaemin

Renowned as NCT’s “social butterfly,” Jaemin fills his Threads account with daily updates and engaging content. Catch up with him on his journey at @na.jaemin0812.

3. NCT’s Taeyong

NCT’s leader, Taeyong, will likely use Threads to share his passion for art and fashion. Check out his unique fashion inspirations at @taeoxo_nct.

4. NCT’s Haechan

On Threads, the charming Haechan could share not only NCT updates but also his thoughts on trends and topics, providing a treat for fans. Join in on the fun by following him at @haechanahceah.

5. NCT’s Mark

Mark’s bilingual posts on Threads have garnered interest from fans all over the globe. To enjoy his music-related posts and engaging content, follow him at @onyourm__ark.

6. Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung

Sooyoung will probably provide a refreshing and personal view of her life on Threads, documenting everything from food to fashion. Stay updated by following her at @choisooyoung.

7. NCT’s Jisung

NCT’s youngest member, Jisung, showcases his youthful and energetic side on Threads, making fans feel closer to him. Catch all his updates by following @the__and.y.

8. Cosmic Girls’ Bona

Bona’s heartwarming posts on Threads keep fans engaged and connected. Make sure to follow her at @bn_95819 for regular updates.

9. SF9’s Taeyang

If you’re interested in fitness, you definitely want to follow SF9’s Taeyang on Threads at @taeyang_0228. He frequently shares his workout routines and dance practice snippets.

10. GOT7’s Mark

From promoting GOT7’s music to sharing more about his life, Mark’s Threads account is an entertaining mix for fans. Follow him at @marktuan for a mix of professional and personal content.


WOODZ offers an authentic and intimate look into his everyday life through Threads, which fans have been loving. Follow him at @woodz_dnwm for an inside look into his songwriting process and personal life.