Idols Who Left Their Groups And Shows Due To Injuries

These idols moved on after suffering injuries on stage and behind the scenes.

Being an idol is one of the most physically demanding jobs in entertainment, and it takes its toll on even the strongest performers. These talented artists ended up leaving their groups due to injuries.

1. Seoyeon (AZM)

AZM was a four-member girl group that debuted in 2018 and disbanded just a year later. Prior to debut, Seoyeon suffered an ankle injury during dance practice and soon left the group.

| INNO-K Entertainment/Facebook

2. Yejin (AZM)

Seoyeon was replaced by Yejin, who also suffered injuries shortly before leaving.

| INNO-K Entertainment/Facebook

3. Howoo (Like A Movie)

In January 2019, Howoo left the group due to an injury and joined CHAZE, a trio that had less physically demanding choreography.

| Top Cloud Entertainment/Facebook

4. Aini (PinkFantasy)

Aini left PinkFantasy due to health issues that made it too difficult for her to practice the group’s choreographies. While she’s no longer active as an idol, she’s still active as a model under MyDoll.

5. Yumi (Baby V.O.X)

After suffering an onstage injury during the group’s first album promotions, Yumi left and went on to become an indie singer in the US under the name Lola Fair. In 2016, she gave birth to her daughter, Mika.

| NamuWiki

6. Sato Ana

Sato Ana was chosen to join the survival show Nizi Project after passing auditions in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, she had to leave the show due to a knee injury that prevented her from continuing.

| Nizi Project/Facebook