These Idols Joked About Watchig P*rn And It Is Iconic AF

Tiffany had the best reaction, tbh.

Red Velvet fanpage Runs Velvet did god’s work when they compiled a video titled “idols who admitted watch porn”. 😂 These idols’ reactions and quick thinking are what makes the video so great.

1. IU

Source: Runs Velvet/YouTube

When IU was asked about watching p*rn, she quickly replied, “It wasn’t in the script, I’m totally surprised.” While it was totally inappropriate for IU to be asked such a personal question off-script,

2. Sooyoung (Girls’ Generation)

Source: Runs Velvet/YouTube

After Sooyoung said she’d seen “yadong” in the past, Tiffany was quick to say that the headlines about her quote would probably include the whole group!

3. T-ara

Source: Runs Velvet/YouTube
Source: Runs Velvet/YouTube

When T-ara made an appearance on a KBR World variety show, they likely didn’t expect this to happen. The hosts quickly turned things around when talking about movies for adults (such as R-rated films) and made it into a joke about p*rnography.

You have to watch the whole video below, which includes ton more clips… including some of Red Velvet!