15 Idols Who Love Their Dogs More Than They Love Their Members

If you can win the heart of these dogs, you just might win their owners’ hearts too.

People are great, but let’s be honest: dogs are better. Way better. These idols love their members like family but, as dog parents, they can’t help loving their fur kids just a little bit more!


1. Tzuyu (TWICE) – Gucci

Tzuyu adores all her canine friends, but no dog makes her light up as much as her Pomeranian, Gucci.

These two have been friends since Tzuyu’a pre-debut days!


2. V (BTS) –  Soonshim and Ssyongssyong

V is a huge puppy lover! He has three dogs, though only two have been on camera with him. The bigger one of the two white fluffies is called Soonshim

…and the smaller one is Ssyongssyong.


3. Jisoo (BLACKPINK) – Dalgom

Jisoo loves her dog so much that she occasionally refers to herself as Dalgom’s mom on Instagram posts. Dalgom loves his “mom”, but he isn’t always a big fan of his Aunt Lisa, probably because she always wants to play more than he does!


4. Kai (EXO) – Monggu, Jjanggu, and Jjangah

One dog just isn’t enough for EXO‘s biggest dog lover. Kai has to have three!

Monggu is Kai’s oldest dog, a poodle with chocolate fur and gooey eyes. Kai named his sister’s Kamong Espresso Café after Monggu by combining “Kai” and “Monggu”.

Jjangu is a toy poodle who appeared with Kai in a photoshoot during SM Entertainment‘s video series, W Live S.M. Fashionistas. 

Jjangah is the maknae of the Kai pack and the only female. Like Jjanggu, she is an adorable toy poodle.


5. Momo (TWICE)  – Lucky, Pudding & Petco

Despite being allergic to dogs, Momo and her family have three beautiful Jack Russell Terriers: Lucky, Pudding, and Petco.

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Momo formally introduced Lucky to her fans via Instagram.


6. GOT7’s Mark and Youngjae – Coco

While most idols’ Instagram accounts are dedicated to photos of themselves, Youngjae’s is filled with pictures of Coco. He and Mark have decided to co-parent this cute pooch!

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Having lived with GOT7 for years, Coco the dog is already well known to fans – having featured on several of their shows, videos, and photos. And she’s certainly not short of love, either.


7. Amber (f(x))  – Jack Jack

How cute is Amber‘s tiny Yorkie? Too cute for words!

Amber loves this furbaby like crazy and, fun fact…

…he can speak Chinese!


8. Nayeon (TWICE) – Kookeu

In November 2017, Nayeon adopted a 2-month-old Pomeranian puppy named Kookeu.

Nayeon may be afraid of big dogs, but her fluffy puppy is far too adorable to strike fear into anyone’s heart!


9. Chanyeol (EXO)  – Toben

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In January 2017, Chanyeol introduced his furbaby, Toben, to fans through Instagram.

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Toben, short for “Beethoven”, has become a beloved “dogstagram” star and fans fell so much in love with Toben that Chanyeol gave him his own Instagram account!


10. Jennie (BLACKPINK) – Kuma and Kai

Jennie loves her dogs so much that she has even greeted them on television!

Kuma is an adorable chocolate furball…

…and Kai is his white chocolate counterpart!


11. Suga (BTS) – Holly

This is HollySuga‘s little boy who, contrary to his name, is sweet and very soft to the touch.

Fans love him almost as much as Suga does!


12. Jeongyeon (TWICE) – Bbosong and Nanan

Jeongyeon has two dogs: Nanan the poodle and Bbosong the white Pomeranian.

These tiny pooches are just as cute as their dog-mom and they love to spend time with her!


13. Mina (TWICE) – Ray

TWICE is just full of dog lovers! Puppies are cute and all, but Mina’s senior dog, Ray, has proved that age is just a number.

This dachshund just keeps getting more handsome!


14. G-Dragon (BIGBANG) – Gaho

G-Dragon is currently in the military, so his Shar Pei must be missing his dog dad just as much as fans are!


15. Suho (EXO) – Byul

Last, but certainly not least, is Suho. This dog dad loves Byul like a daughter.

The two even appeared together in the Better Together photo shoot for W magazine


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