10+ Idols Who Tried Being Mastermind Pranksters, But Failed Miserably

Fools fail!

Everybody knows at least one person who loves a good prank and idols are no different. While numerous idol pranks have gone off without a hitch and have fooled their intended targets, others don’t go quite like how the prankster imagined! These idols have all attempted to pull off the greatest pranks imaginable but failed hard!


1. EXO Chanyeol’s messy mic

Knowing that Kai would be switching mics with him during their concert, Chanyeol decided to have a little fun with the younger member.


After successfully tilting the EXO logo on the mic, all he had to do was wait until the moment Kai switched with him.


Except Kai never noticed there was anything different about the mic at all!


2. BTS J-Hope’s sleeping beauty mishap

J-Hope was going around trying to wake up all his sleepy members with a dose of playfulness.


The only problem was that nobody was surprised and he accidentally woke the one person he really didn’t want to!


3. GOT7 Mark’s wrapper disaster

Everybody knows that Mark is a huge prankster so when Jackson felt something slide down his shirt…


He was quick to catch the culprit and give him a scolding for good measure!


4. EXO Suho’s weak wardrobe prank

As Kai was doing a livestream, Suho was laying in wait for his moment to scare him.


The only problem was that Kai wasn’t scared or even shocked in the slightest.


To make sure those 24 minutes of waiting didn’t go to waste, Suho tried one more time while Kai promised he would act surprised. And he did, but he also looked so done with Suho’s shenanigans!


5. Red Velvet Yeri’s phony phone call

Super Junior Leeteuk has been pranked so many times that he’s always wary of mystery callers. So when received a call from Kim Yurim during a radio broadcast he was seriously suspicious.


And with good reason since it was a prank call from Red Velvet‘s Yeri! Leeteuk was surprised but not too surprised to be pranked once again!


6. MAMAMOO’s not so surprising surprise birthday party

The girls thought they would play a little prank on Hwasa while also giving her a surprise party.


They thought they could trick her into believing she was late for the broadcast…


The only problem was that Hwasa caught onto them pretty quickly because of their poor acting!


7. Yoo Jae Suk’s bloody nose bluff

Yoo Jae Suk thought he would pull one over on Song Ji Hyo during a winemaking session on Family Outing.


Too bad Ji Hyo saw his attempts and made a move to get him back!


8. VIXX Ravi’s gorgeous girlfriend

Ravi once attempted to prank fans with a photo of him with his girlfriend.


Only everyone was too quick for Ravi and figured out it was Ken in a matter of moments!


9. Girls’ Generation Seohyun’s fishy fail

Knowing that Tiffany was terrified of fish, Seohyun thought she would have a little fun with her…


Only she ended up breaking the fish statue, ruining the whole prank before it even really began!


10. Girl’s Day Minah and Super Junior Leeteuk’s kissing cam

Minah and Leeteuk thought they would prank Hyeri into believing that the two were secretly dating.


The only problem was that they were the ones being pranked since it was Hyeri’s end goal to get the two to kiss!


And when they found out, this was their reaction!


Bonus: Hit The Stage couldn’t scare MONSTA X’s Shownu

Those ghost pranks get some great reactions so when Hit The Stage decided to prank a ton of idols you can believe there were some moments of sheer terror…


Except they failed hard when it came to Shownu!