7 Korean Stars Who Prove “Jisung” Is A Name For Talented People Only

Their parents were onto something 🤔

Some people believe your name determines how successful you’ll be—and if the name “Jisung” is anything to go by, they may be right! With their skills in singing, dancing, and acting, these seven stars called Jisung will make you certain this name must be reserved for those born with talent.

1. Jisung (NCT)

One of the most well-known stars with this name is NCT Dream’s main dancer, Jisung. Born Park Ji Sung, he wows fans with his ability to match his dance moves to the group’s music perfectly on stage. On top of that, this maknae is also a vocalist and rapper, proving there’s nothing he can’t do.

NCT’s Jisung | SM Entertainment

2. Han (Stray Kids)

Stray Kids’ Han has a few names, from his stage name (which is also his family name) to his English name, Peter. Then, there’s his birth name: Han Ji Sung. Originally part of the group’s pre-debut 3RACHA unit, Han is one of the fourth generation’s most talented rappers with dozens of credits as a lyricist and composer to boot.

Stray Kids’ Han | JYP Entertainment

3. Love (OnlyOneOf)

OnlyOneOf fans love Love’s stage name (pun intended), but his birth name—Park Ji Sung—is pretty awesome too. Surprisingly, despite his talents, his father didn’t give him permission to become an idol until the age of 20. Thankfully, Papa Park eventually relented, and now Love is killing it as a main vocalist.

OnlyOneOf’s Love | 8D Creative

4. Yoon Jisung

Back on Produce 101, Yoon Jisung’s talents earned him over 900,000 votes in the finale and a spot in Wanna One‘s lineup. Formerly one of the group’s vocalists, Yoon Jisung is now a burgeoning solo artist. On top of that, he’s also set to make his debut as an actor in SBS‘s upcoming K-Drama, I’ll Become Your Night.

Yoon Jisung | MMO Entertainment

5. Jisung (Girls’ Alert)

There’s also another Yoon Ji Sung in the industry: Girls’ Alert’s Jisung. The new leader of the group, Jisung is also Girls’ Alert’s main rapper. With her skills, she’s sure to ace their eventual comeback as a trio.

| Roots Entertainment

6. Jisung (TRCNG)

Even before he joined TRCNG, Jisung’s been honing his skills in the performing arts. First, he was a child actor. Now, he’s one of TRCNG’s rappers. With over five years of training under his belt before he debuted, it’s no wonder Jisung is so great to watch on stage.

TRCNG’s Jisung | TS Entertainment

7. Ji Sung

“Jisung” isn’t just a popular name for talented idols. Take actor Ji Sung, for example. Interestingly, unlike all the others on this list, Ji Sung wasn’t born with this name; born Kwak Tae Geun, he adopted it as a stage name. Some of the recent K-Dramas Ji Sung is known for include Kill Me, Heal Me and Doctor John.

Ji Sung | tvN