13 Of The Most Emotional Moments Between Idols And Their Parents

Get ready to shed a few tears.

When idols pursue their dreams they often have to leave their families at a young age to train in the company while staying in dorms. As they mature into idols they still miss their families dearly. That’s why whenever idols talk about their parents or get a surprise visit from them the results are purely emotional.


1. J-Hope (BTS)

Every ARMY knows that J-Hope has a special bond with his mother so when she sent him a happy birthday note he couldn’t stop the tears from flowing.


J-Hope also took us on an emotional rollercoaster when he dedicated his solo track “MAMA” to his mom! Add in the fact that he used her actual voice in the song to accompany his touching lyrics and get ready to be a little teary eyed.


2. Seohyun (Girls’ Generation)

Seohyun‘s mom was a surprise guest for the girls when they were filming one show. Her mom was able to completely disguise herself and shared an emotional letter with them all before revealing exactly who she was! Let’s just say none of the girls could hold their tears back at the reunion.


3. Jackson (GOT7)

After Jackson had been teased with a visit from his mother before, he got the best present ever when both of his parents made a surprise appearance on Roommate. The emotional scene between mother, father, and son would be able to melt even the coldest hearts.


4. Amber [f(x)]

When f(x) went to LA for business, Amber decided to keep it a secret from her family. Why did she decide to keep it a secret? So that she could give her mom a big surprise! The result was one of the cutest reunions ever!


5. Bobby (iKON)

When Bobby became a trainee, he had to leave his family behind in the United States and that was, of course, hard. So when he got a chance to have a video call with them during Win: Who Is Next, emotions were running high for all parties. It’s truly a sentimental and sweet scene!


6. Tzuyu (TWICE)

Tzuyu‘s mom might not have actually been there or even have sent her a special message but when TWICE‘s maknae tasted some food that reminded her of home she couldn’t stop the tears from flowing.


7. Lee Daehwi (Wanna One)

There was not a dry eye among the boys when Lee Daehwi‘s mom paid him a visit during Produce 101. The scene was so touching that you can’t help but feel every emotion that passed between mother and son.



When all the members of SEVENTEEN were reunited with their parents we were all blessed with a very beautiful and sweet sight.


9. Tiffany (Girls’ Generation)

The same day that Seohyun got a surprise visit from her mom, Tiffany gave a very emotional message to her own mother and made every heart in the whole world break.



During the filming of Birth of a Family, L‘s mom came to have a meal with the members. She brought all sorts of goodies like baby pictures of L and a heartwarming message that touched everyone’s hearts.


11. Yuto (PENTAGON)

On one episode of Pentagon Maker, the staff surprised Yuto with a special video message from his mom. The video was super special to Yuto who was getting ready to perform his own stage!


12. Jessi

Jessi thought she was going to be having a boxing match but instead was given the best present ever!


13. Zelo (B.A.P)

B.A.P‘s maknae once read a letter to his parents during a concert. The letter gave details about his training days and about how his parents always supported his dreams. His sweet words and words of apology are incredibly touching. Just try to watch the video and not shed a few tears.