Sexy Idol Photoshoots: Expectation VS. Reality (10+ Photos)

These idols can’t take themselves too seriously.

K-Pop idols are singers, rappers, and dancers, but they also make fantastic models. Their jaw-dropping visuals can produce some seriously sexy photos…as long as they don’t laugh!


1. Jimin and Jungkook (BTS)

Jimin had enough difficulty getting into character without the maknae’s meddling. During this photobook shoot, Jungkook kept distracting Jimin by saying “I want you” in a seductive voice.


2. Lisa and Jennie (BLACKPINK)

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie and Lisa are born models; their stunning visuals make for gorgeous photos…if they can stay focused. During a shoot for Cosmopolitan‘s August issue, Jennie and Lisa just couldn’t look at each other without laughing.


3. Triple H

Don’t let this serious photo fool you. There was plenty of playing around happening during the jacket shooting for Triple H‘s Retro Futurism. 


4. Troublemaker

This sexy duo has no shortage of sultry photos and MV moments, but they also have just as many laughs behind the scenes.


5. BTS

The BTS members all take stellar pictures that showcase their individuality and unique style…

…but what you see in the final product…

…is only half the story.

For every one of these smoldering photos…

…there’s one of these funny behind the scenes moments!

Jin is especially good at flipping the switch from silly to sexy.


6. GOT7

GOT7 looked deep in thought during this suave, outdoor jacket shoot but, in reality, all they could think about…

…was how cold they were!

The members jumped around between takes just to stay warm!


7. Wonho (MONSTA X)

Wonho looked ethereally handsome in the jacket photos for “Beautiful”, but when the cameras weren’t flashing, he could be found…

…playing with the props.


8. Leo and Ravi (VIXX)

These two natural models couldn’t have looked more gorgeous in their final shots for the Beautiful Liar jacket.

During the shoot though, there were moments when they were so close they had trouble looking each other in the eyes.