10 Idols Who Prove That Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Step aside, Superman!

When most people think of heroes they think of heroes they’re first thought is likely think of the superheroes from comic books, then they might think of the everyday heroes like firefighters. But it turns out that people should also be thinking about K-Pop idols! Idols have been known to have some incredibly fast reflexes and the bravest hearts around. They’ve not only prevented multiple wardrobe accidents over the years but they’ve actually prevented injuries and disasters! So who needs capes? These idols are true heroes!


1. When TVXQ!’s Changmin prevents any harm from coming to his hoobaes

While performing “You Needed Me” during the SMTOWN in Taiwan concert in 2015, Changmin noticed one of the props was in danger of coming down at any moment. With his quick thinking he pulled EXO‘s D.O. closer to himself and right before the prop dropped, he pushed SHINee‘s Taemin out of the way! Thanks to his fast reflexes, nobody was injured!


2. That time Girls’ Generation’s Sunny foiled an attempted kidnapping

In 2011, Taeyeon was almost kidnapped in front of everyone! A mystery man suddenly appeared during the girls’ performance and started pulling Taeyeon off the stage. While the other girls weren’t quite sure what was going on yet, Sunny was quick to realize the situation wasn’t good. She stepped in and kept a firm grip on Taeyeon while interfering with the man’s attempts. Staff also rushed to her aid and together they were able to prevent anything bad from happening to Taeyeon.


3. When BTS’s Jimin saved Jungkook from complete disaster

Segways may not look all that dangerous but they can be, as Jungkook found out. When he attempted to stop he almost tripped and fell off the stage while the machine kept running. If Jimin hadn’t been there to lend him a hand there could have been some serious injuries from the incident.


4. When BIGBANG’s Seungri helped prevent Daesung’s fiery end

During a performance of “Fantastic Baby”, Daesung was standing a little too close to the edge before Seungri pulled him back. Although it may have looked like Seungri was saving him from falling off the stage, he was really saving him from the firework display that went off a few seconds after Seungri pulled him away!


5. The time BOYFRIEND’s Youngmin saved a fan from being hit by a car

Youngmin was spending a little bit of time greeting fans when he noticed that a fan was in the direct path of a car. His quick actions helped to save her and alerted his other fans of the potential danger.


6. When former SISTAR member Hyolyn didn’t let gravity win over Bora

Sometimes heels have proven themselves to be an idol’s worst enemy. In Bora‘s case a combination of heels and a slightly slippery stage could have ended with a quite the tumble but luckily Hyolyn was around to steady her!


7. The time TWICE’s Nayeon prevented Momo from falling off the stage

The girls were performing “TT” when suddenly Momo shifted a little too close to the edge of the stage. In the blink of the eye she was this close to falling off the stage but luckily Nayeon was there to catch her! We might have all been TT-ing for real if Nayeon hadn’t saved Momo!


8. The time SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan secured Mingyu’s safety

As SEVENTEEN was leaving the stage, a wild camera decided to get up close and personal with the boys. Jeonghan saw the camera was headed straight for the unsuspecting Mingyu and was aimed to hit him in the head. He quickly pushed Mingyu down and ducked himself. Luckily, his quick actions prevented any injuries!


9. When Cosmic Girls’ Xuan Yi created a chain effect of help

While the girls were performing Xuan Yi noticed that Eunseo was in danger of falling over. She quickly grabbed her and prevented her fall when suddenly Dayoung was close to doing the same thing! With lighting fast reflexes Eunseo helped Dayoung just liked Xuan Yi had helped her!


10. When Lovelyz’s Yein prevented Sujeong from walking right off the stage

Sujeong was so happy to see fans that she didn’t realize that she was in danger! As she kept smiling and waving to fans she reached the edge of the stage and was just about to take another step when Yein stopped her momentum!