6 Best Idol Reactions To SHINee’s “Don’t Call Me” Music Video

Everyone is obsessed with SHINee’s “Don’t Call Me!”

Ever since SHINee released their new album, we haven’t been able to stop singing and dancing along to the title track, “Don’t Call Me.” Within these past couple of weeks, the group has had some of their close friends and colleagues react to their music video too. Here are six of the best reactions.

1. SuperM

Since Taemin is also a member of SuperM, he brought the members together to watch the new SHINee music video. They all reacted as one would expect best friends to react. Mark, on the other hand, proved how much of a SHINee fanboy he really is by remarking, “It’s the opposite of ‘Press Your Number.'” He knows his SHINee.

2. IU

SHINee guested on episode 5 of IU’s Palette and shared their new music video with IU. Her reaction to her former costar Minho‘s exposed abs is so cute!

3. Super Junior

Super Junior’s Shindong and Eunhyuk went from reacting like friends to reacting like music video directors. Their attention to detail is amazing!

4. Aespa

SM Entertainment‘s newest girl group gave a genuine fangirl reaction to their sunbaes latest comeback. The girls were adorable as they repeated the lyrics!


TVXQ’s U-Know (also known as Yunho) showed respect for SHINee’s trendiness throughout the years. He also expressed his admiration for SHINee continuing to try something new and different.

6. Amazing Saturday

Key showed his fellow cast members of Amazing Saturday (also known as DoReMi Market) the new music video. They all got so excited to see him on screen that they drowned out the music video’s audio!

Honorable Mention: SHINee

Of course, we also got a video of SHINee reacting to themselves! After having shown it to their friends, they came together as a group to watch. They ended up being their own worst critics, pointing out everything they wish that would have been differently. 🥺

Source: SuperM