Idols Reveal The Worst Side-Effects Of Going On Starvation Diets

Idols reveal the 6 worst side-effects for going on harsh diets

1. You can never eat certain foods again

Former SISTAR members Bora and Soyou talked about the foods they could not stand to eat anymore after going through harsh diets during their trainee days.

“I usually never eat chicken breast or bananas anymore. The memories from my trainee days are too harsh.” – Soyou


2. You start losing hair

Kim Shin Young went on an extreme diet, losing 38kg (84 pounds). When she first started dieting, she used to feel yo-yo effects, losing 12kg (26 pounds) only to gain 10kg (22 pounds) back. When she was hungry, she would only eat Paprika, and because of this, she started feeling depressed and losing hair.


3. Coffee becomes something you can’t drink much of

On a KBS Vitamin, DIA‘s Jung Chaeyeon mentioned one thing she can’t drink anymore is coffee. She revealed she has issues with her blood pressure, and attributed it to going on an extreme diet in the past. A component in coffee called chlorogenic acid helps break down body fat in small amounts, but excess amounts cause high blood pressure and heart palpitations.


4. The thing you’re most obsessed about is the scale

Gag Concert‘s Kwon Mi Jin halved her body weight, going from 103.5kg (228 pounds) to 52kg (114 pounds). While struggling through dieting and exercise, the thing that was on her mind the most was seeing the number on the scale go down, even if it was just a few grams.


5. You may look like a middle school student

Lee Ha Na confessed that she will go on harsh diets to appear thin on television, especially before she films a new drama. One day, she realized while looking in the mirror that she had gained too much weight, and didn’t look like her usual self.


6. You’ll lose hearing, tremble, or even collapse

Lee Tae Im‘s famous extreme diet of eating only 3 spoons of rice a day gave her some nasty side effects. After finishing her extreme diet, she worked to gain back 7kg (15 pounds) that she previously lost, improving her own health.

“[Because of my diet], I was losing hearing in my ears and hearing ringing noises instead. Soon after that I had hand tremors and would sometimes just collapse.” — Lee Tae Im

Source: 1boon