These Idol’s Stage Names Mean Different Things When Translated to Another Language

Wait, what does Hui mean again?

With over 6,500 spoken languages today, it’s no surprise that some names may actually mean something in another language! Here are a list of idols whose names mean something in a different language.

1. Hoshi

In Japanese, Hoshi actually means star! This perfectly matches him; as the main dancer and performance leader of SEVENTEEN, he shines on stage like a star!

Hoshi, whose real name is Kwon Soonyoung, says he chose that stage name because he graduated from Japanese literature and he can actually speaks Japanese well! He also chose Hoshi knowing it means because he wants to shine brightly and be a superstar.

2. Luda

Luda in Bosnian actually translates to crazy! The only crazy thing about this WJSN member is how crazy talented, crazy beautiful, and crazy savage she is! Remember when Luda was trying to build a tower out of markers and Yeoreum blew it away? The look she gave was crazy savage.

3. Hui

In Bulgarian, the term “Hui” is a little vulgar. The word refers to the male’s private part! Maybe it’s best to use Hui’s real name, Lee Hoetaek, when talking about him in Bulgaria instead.

4. Kai

EXO’s main dancer’s stage name is actually slang that means silly in Cantonese! As one of the younger members of EXO, he definitely has the tendency to act silly towards his members, but he’s completely serious when he’s on stage.

5. Ravi

VIXX’s Ravi has explained that his name translates to charming in French, but it actually has another meaning in Indian! In Indian, the name Ravi can mean sun. This makes sense, because he definitely shines like the sun. His beauty is blinding!

6. Sana

In Tagalog, the word Sana can mean “I hope”, “I wish”, or “if only”. What a coincidence her name has these meaning, because I hope and I wish I can meet Sana and the rest of TWICE. Oh, if only.

Which of these meanings surprised you the most?