15 Idols Who Completely Trolled Their Fans In Unexpected Ways

These idols just love to tease their fans.

1. When BTS scared their fans on The Ellen Show.

During BTS‘s most recent appearance on The Ellen Show, the members hid behind furniture on the set of Friends.

When their fans sat on the iconic Friends couch to answer trivia…

…BTS popped up.



2. When Hyungwon (MONSTA X) trolled Starbucks with his own meme.

Recently, Starbucks has been showing a lot of love for K-Pop on Twitter. The coffee giant replied to a MONSTA X fan by referring to a popular Hyungwon meme.

Since 2016, this sassy Hyungwon moment has been shared all over social media.

Hyungwon surprised fans by replying to Starbucks in the best possible way.


3. When JB (GOT7) escaped.

JB showed his extra side while he ended this fan greeting in an unexpected way.

After saying a brief hello to the crowd…

…he suddenly took off, running crazily down the street! This probably freaked out GOT7‘s staff as much as it surprised his fans.



4. When GFRIEND popped into their fans’ dance cover.

This talented dance duo was out recording a dance cover to GFRIEND‘s song “Rough” when all of the sudden…

…GFRIEND appeared on the scene!


5. When SISTAR joined a group of schoolboys dancing to “I Like That”.

Like GFRIEND, SISTAR appeared out of nowhere to crash their fans’ dance cover.

After a shock like that, the boys couldn’t concentrate on their performance!


6. When Sehun (EXO) trolled fans with this yellow ball.

During a concert, Sehun offered EXO-L a ball, but held it just out of reach. After making her stretch for it, Sehun walked away and took the ball with him.


7. When MONSTA X pretended to work at a convenience store.

These lucky MONSTA X fans were in for the surprise of a lifetime when they visited this convenience store.


8. When BTS gave their Twitter a makeover.

BTS changed their official Twitter page to troll fans on April Fool’s Day. First, they added this picture of Jin and Jimin wearing matching clothes and sunglasses. Their profile information read, “You don’t know who is who right?”.

Later, BTS changed their name to “Music” with a picture of listening to music as the profile and header picture, then posted this V photo entitled, “i’m tipsy.”


9. When VIXX became “BIGS” on Twitter.

BTS wasn’t the only one messing with fans on April Fool’s Day. On Twitter, VIXX changed their group name to “BIGS” because the pronunciation of “VIXX” and “BIGS” is similar. They replaced their logo with a picture of a can that said “BIGS” on it.


10. When Lee Seung Hoon (WINNER) became a Pokemon.

Lee Seung Hoon’s Instagram account name has always been “maetamong”, which is the Korean name for Ditto.

One time, he decided to take things a step further by changing his Instagram into a Dittogram. He uploaded 15 funny pictures of Ditto and changed his profile picture to Ditto too.


11. When EXO pretended to be delivery boys.

None of these lucky students were expecting EXO to bring them food!


12. When EXID became makeup artists.

This fan didn’t know who would be doing her makeup…

…but she definitely didn’t expect it to be EXID!


13.  When TWICE snuck up on fans during an interview.

TWICE crept up on this pair of fans and imitated the fans’ gestures…

…until the fans finally noticed them.


14.  When  Seohyun (Girls’ Generation) traveled back in time.

On April Fool’s Day, Seohyun posted a picture of her in a school uniform on Instagram. Her post read, “Traveling back in time. I’m 17 years old. #highschoolerhyun #realityis27”. Seohyun might have been trolling, but she really doesn’t seem like she’s aged at all!


15. When MAMAMOO was homeless.

MAMAMOO once changed their profile on their official company website to something a little unusual. They changed their name to “Beggar” and their age to 59. Their hobby? Asking for spare change. MAMAMOO also pretended to be part of Mnet‘s Produce 101 Season 2 competition by posting a funny picture. Instead of saying “Mnet,” it read “Moo”.


BONUS: When J.Y. Park became the tenth member of TWICE.

This is trolling on top of trolling. J.Y. Park was believed to have pranked TWICE fans with a hilarious surprise gift. Upon opening some of TWICE’s promotional cards for “Knock Knock”, fans supposedly found this photo of J.Y Park inside. In reality, J.Y. Park never pulled this prank. A ONCE created the J.Y. Park card as a nod to his surprise appearance in TWICE’s music video.