These 10 Idols Are Well-Loved For Their Hamster-Like Visuals

You’ll want to pinch their cheeks!

With their bouncy and plump cheeks, these 10 male idols are known for their hamster-like visuals.

1. SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi

hoshi1 hoshi2 hoshi3

2. SF9’s Inseong

inseong1 inseong2 inseong3

3. TXT’s Soobin

soobin1 soobin2 soobin3

4. VICTON’s Byungchan

byungchan1 byungchan2 byungchan3

5. VIXX’s Leo

leo1 leo2 leo3


q1 q2 q3

7. ASTRO’s Sanha

sanha1 sanha2 sanha3

8. NCT DREAM’s Jisung

jisung1 jisung2 jisung3

9. AB6IX’s Woojin

woojin1 woojin2 woojin3

10. BTS’s Jin

jin8 jin9 jin10

Source: Pann
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