Idols Are Falling For TXT’s Soobin Faster Than You Can Say “Whipped”

MC Soobin is winning hearts on “Music Bank”.

TXT‘s Soobin won MOA’s hearts again as a host for KBS‘s Music Bank, but they aren’t the only ones in love. Here are some of the many idols who are totally whipped for MC Soobin’s charms!

1. Donghae and Eunhyuk (D&E, Super Junior)

When Soobin interviewed Donghae and Eunhyuk, he became their new favorite hoobae (junior).

| KBS World/Youtube

Donghae commented on how Soobin was shaking a lot…

…and in reply Soobin said, “You didn’t do this during the rehearsal, you’re being mischievous.” 

His seniors burst out laughing, and Donghae pulled Soobin into a hug while calling him cute.

2. Jessi

Soobin and co-host Arin interviewed Jessi for her comeback song “NUNU NANA”. How quickly did Jessi fall for Soobin? Faster than he could read his cue cards!

He snatched up her heart with his endearing blend of shyness and cuteness.

3. Arin (OH MY GIRL)

From day one, Soobin’s co-host has also been his friend and fan. During the rehearsal for their first episode together, Soobin accidentally dripped ice cream on Arin’s pants…

…and his over the top reaction made her smile.

Soobin’s so loveable that Arin even let him get away with accidentally calling her the wrong name. “How about Yerin-ssi?”, he said when asking her about her school days’ nicknames.

Oh, I’m sorry. Arin-ssi!” Soobin exclaimed, and viewers definitely felt the secondhand embarrassment.


Singing part of ATEEZ‘s song “WAVE”, was all it took to make the entire group fall for Soobin…

…and the love is mutual!

5. 1THE9

1THE9 was the first group Soobin and Arin interviewed on the show. Soobin sweetly asked 1THE9 to take care of them…

…and, of course, they couldn’t refuse! (Who would?)