5 Idols Whose Image Has Changed Drastically Since Debut

All idols unleash their true selves eventually.

As idols become more mature and transition from trainees to public figures, their personalities often change. Most of the time they change from their “manufactured” image to their true selves. These 5 idols have gone through huge changes in personality since their debut.

1. IU

At debut, IU cultivated a cute image to appeal to the Korean public. For this, she earned the nickname “The Nation’s Little Sister”. However, as she grew older she shed this image and became more candid, her song “23” is almost a representation of her change in image. IU now sings about whatever she wants and her fans love it.

2. Jin (BTS)

Jin debuted with a sexy and brooding ladies man image. It didn’t take that long for that image to slip however as Jin is just a huge goofball at heart. ARMYs these days know Jin as a hilarious and charismatic man who is definitely not brooding (he’s still sexy though).

3. Jessi

Jessi debuted all the way back in 2005 with a cuter concept. Her initial concept couldn’t be more different than her current image where she exudes a sexy, true to herself vibe. Jessi always seemed uncomfortable with the “innocent” concept in K-Pop so everyone is glad that she can now be herself with her music.

4. Wonpil (DAY6)

Wonpil debuted with a “sexy and chic” image but that didn’t last long. It wasn’t long before Wonpil unleashed his inner aegyo-fueled self and became the cutest member of DAY6.

5. Seohyun (Girl’s Generation)

Seohyun was very shy at debut and was a bit of an oddball. She used formal language with the other members of Girl’s Generation and always avoided awkward questions. The maknae has changed a lot since then, she is now incredibly confident and is pursuing her acting career very seriously. She is blazing her own trails since leaving SM Entertainment and fans wouldn’t be surprised if she moves into politics eventually.