9 Times BTS’s Suga Proved He’s Dance Line Material

He’s such an underrated dancer!

We all know BTS‘s Suga is an amazing rapper and songwriter, but he deserves a round of applause for his dance skills, too!

BTS’s Suga | @agustd/Instagram

Here are 9 times Suga left us shook by his dance moves!

1. The jacket move from the “Make It Right” choreography

Suga definitely owned the “Make It Right” choreography!

2. Him being the center during part of the “On” dance break

He ate and left no crumbs!

3. King of hip thrusts

His hips don’t lie!

4. Look at how clean his lines are

Suga’s moves are very sharp!

5. He’s got great dynamics

Suga knows exactly which moves he should do softly and which moves need to be super powerful!

6. His swag is undeniable

Suga always looks so charismatic on stage! He knows how to make even simple choreography look impressive.

7. He always has great facial expressions

For K-Pop idols, having great facial expressions is just as important as getting the moves right! Suga’s facial expressions add so much to his stage presence and further emphasize how great of a dancer he is.

8. His body control in “Butter” was wild

If you told us he’s been dancing all his life, we’d totally believe you! Just look at that super controlled hip swivel!

9. He knows how to work those shoulders

Suga’s upper body moves just as well as his lower body!